Winter Running Gear

adidas cold weather and winter running gear is built with durable, insulating materials to lock in warmth and keep you focused on your goals—in any weather.

adidas Winter Running Gear

The weather isn't going to warm up for you, so you have to warm up for it. adidas winter running gear dials in the comfort when the days are at their coldest. Made with durable, insulating materials to help lock in warmth and keep you focused on your pace, adidas running gear for cold weather preps you for lower temps, chillier precipitation and wind that has more of a bite. Running on cold days requires a few essential pieces to ensure you keep comfortable out there, so get the gear you need to keep up with your training all year round.

It's cold out, so plan on outfitting head to toe, trapping as much of your body's heat as you can. adidas running shoes made for winter ditch the airy mesh for enclosed linings to help you stay on pace. Winter running tights or pants paired with a fleece-lined wintry training top and a lightweight, water-repellent jacket lock in comfort and help you stay dry on the fly. Add to your ensemble a warm running hat and a pair of gloves, and you're all set. And because it gets dark earlier, shop for winter running gear styles with some reflective details for added visibility.

Winter Running Gear Frequently Asked Questions

Having solid cold-weather running gear helps keep you motivated to get out there. Wear layers so you can shed pieces as you warm up. Consider starting with a sweat-wicking baselayer, then add a breathable vest, windbreaker or jacket, plus warm brushed tights, gloves and a hat or headband to keep your ears warm. Look for moisture-wicking, breathable and insulating materials. Running with cold, wet feet is no fun, so don’t forget a good pair of socks and water-repelling, winterized shoes. Check out our blog for more tips on cold-weather running gear
When you’re dressing to run on a trail in the cold, pull out the layers. Start with a moisture-wicking, breathable long sleeve tee that won’t trap sweat. Layer on a zip-adjustable top and running tights or pants. Protect your extremities with warm gloves and insulating, breathable socks, and keep your head warm with a performance beanie. Neck gaiters can be helpful too. A final outer layer provides extra protection from the elements. Technologies like adidas WIND.RDY, RAIN.RDY and COLD.RDY help keep out cold and rain while also helping move moisture away from your core.
You can definitely run in a winter jacket — just not that big parka you wear for outings in the city. Winter running clothes, including jackets, are specially designed to combine insulation with breathability and sweat-wicking properties. Look for a jacket with an adjustable or detachable hood, a comfortable fit and moisture-managing technologies that are designed to keep you warm and dry, like adidas COLD.RDY, RAIN.RDY and WIND.RDY. If you like your arms to be unrestricted, opt for a performance thermal vest.