Popular Running Shoes

They're best-sellers for a reason. Shop popular running shoes that take you through every mile with best-in-class comfort, style and performance.

adidas Popular Running Shoes

You know you're hooked on running when you spend all day looking forward to your afternoon run. Fresh running shoes are important to staying on track with your training. There are several key features to consider when comparing popular running shoes. Of course, fit is a primary concern. If your sneakers don't fit right, even the best-selling running shoes will let you down. It's important to know your size and any details about your stride and foot strike. Do you overpronate or need extra stability? Do you need extra traction for trail running? Are you a high mileage or low mileage runner?

Some of the most popular running sneakers available are the ones built on a heavily cushioned midsole. The softer the midsole, the more comfort you feel when you first step into a shoe. However, a higher density midsole offers more stability and comfort over the long range. Think about your running style, terrain and typical distance when selecting new shoes. Our most popular running shoes are built on different midsole technologies. Runners looking for the most cushioning will like shoes featuring adidas Bounce, while runners looking for a stable, energized feel will like adidas Boost. Our lightest running shoes feature Lightstrike cushioning or a hybrid blend of Lightstrike and adidas Boost. Browse our most popular running shoes now to find the best pair for your next run.