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4DFWD Running Shoes

Run with a 3D printed performance midsole, designed to move you forward.


When sports meet Silicon Valley, something truly unique happens. It's not just what we make, but how we make—and the process is key. The new adidas 4DFWD is crafted with our most revolutionary digital printing technique yet and combines years of research with our innovative 4D technology.

We united with Carbon, an innovative tech company, to create a groundbreaking 3D printed lattice structure that makes up the adidas 4DFWD running midsole. 17 years of athlete data and over 5 million lattice variations were examined to create 4DFWD's unique 3D printed performance midsole, designed to move forward with every stride.

When a foot impacts the ground, it applies braking forces. 4DFWD reduces these forces by redirecting the impact into forward motion. With every step, the 4DFWD midsole compresses forward, generating over three times as much forward motion when compared to previous generations of 4D midsole under vertical loading in mechanical testing conditions, providing a smooth transition and gliding experience.

The 4DFWD running range is also available now to help runners take it forward. Forward motion is central to the design of every 4DFWD product. Always innovating, we strive to pave the way for the future of performance footwear and apparel, delivering precision crafted products, personalized and adapted for every potential.