Blue Running Shoes

Explore blue running shoes designed for every training level, distance and weather condition. From sky blue to indigo, pick up a pair in your favorite shade.

adidas Blue Running Shoes

Find your stride and pick up the pace, all while wearing the shade of blue that inspires you to reach new heights. Blue running shoes from adidas deliver speed and comfort, whether you're training, recovering or racing. Go the distance in styles made with adidas Boost cushioning. Endless energy return and comfort keep you feeling fresh from start to finish. Training for a half or full marathon can be challenging, but the right footwear can make the efforts feel easier on your feet. Experience the essence of long-distance running without the discomfort in footwear designed for the long haul. While putting in the miles, enjoy the feeling of the breeze on your back, the rhythm of your stride and the freedom of the open road ahead. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner, you'll be able to find your pace in blue jogging shoes.

For those who love climbing rocky terrain and scaling mountains, our trail running shoes in bright hues are built for rugged uphills and swift descents. Experience agility in the mountains in our line of blue jogging sneakers designed for challenging terrain. Styles made with Traxion outsoles maximize grip in all directions so you can feel surefooted and confident while running over slick roots or wet creek beds. Lugged outsoles deliver confidence so you can keep moving forward at a fast pace, all while feeling in control of your movements. Mountainous terrain can be hard on the feet. Blue running sneakers made with targeted cushioning help you move with comfort over technical trails. From flowing single track to gnarly switchbacks, there's a shoe to fit your style, skill level and speed. Don't let your footwear keep you from the trails you've always dreamed of exploring. In our trail shoes, you'll have the cushion and grip to adventure, no matter where the trail takes you.

Slip on a pair of blue running shoes for a jog around the block or a quick walk to the coffee shop. Running-inspired styles designed for casual wear feel good the minute you step in. Transition from your morning gym session to a day of running errands. For out and about, styles made with Cloudfoam midsoles are cushy with a pillow-like feel underfoot. Versatile and stylish, pair them with your favorite pair of running shorts for the ultimate athletic-casual vibe, or slip them on with a pair of jeans. Whatever the day brings, comfortable midsoles will keep you moving forward. Outfit your whole family in blue running footwear. Kids' styles that are designed to be easy-on let them dash out the door, while styles featuring lightweight uppers and responsive cushioning let them comfortably explore.

Choose your favorite blue hue and feel ready to take on your busy schedule. Whether sightseeing while walking a new city or grabbing groceries at the store, our shoes are comfortable for all-day wear. Shoes made with adidas Primeknit uppers deliver a foot-hugging feel to support your every step. Picking up the kids from the school or meeting a friend for lunch, styles made with a Linear Energy Push system keep you going longer. Whatever your preferred color, blue jogging shoes come in a variety of hues. From steel to blue dawn to dark navy, sport the color that expresses your inner style. Styles with silver or white accents stand out, while neon-inspired electric blue tones call attention and pair well with neutral colors. Jeans, running tights or a dress, add a pair of sneakers to your outfit and give your overall look a sporty touch. Shop blue running shoes from adidas and start your adventure, whether on the road, trail or out and about in the city.