Running Socks

Comfort underfoot matters when you run. Running socks from adidas let the air flow for a breathable fit that stays in place as you check off the miles.

adidas Running Socks

A good pair of socks can make the difference between an okay run and a great one — so don't skimp. Running socks from adidas keep you comfortable on roads, trails, treadmills and everywhere in between. Our socks are anatomically designed to fit each foot so that the targeted cushioning and support hits exactly where it should. The precision fit also ensures that your socks won't bunch up as you run, which can lead to friction and blisters. Lightweight, moisture-wicking yarn keeps your feet feeling good from warm-up to cool-down. Our jogging socks come with varying amounts of cushioning, so you can find a pair that suits your needs. Padding under the ball of your foot and at the heel provides added protection from blisters and helps cushion your stride. You might want to consider different types of socks for different types of runs. More cushioning will feel good on a long-distance road run, while a speed workout at the track might call for a lightweight, minimalist sock.

Comfortable jogging socks are an essential part of every runner's wardrobe, and our wide variety makes it easy to find the ones you like. Made with moisture-wicking yarn, they manage your sweat to keep your feet feeling dry as you put them through their paces. Look for socks with compression arch support to deliver a foot-hugging feel throughout your run, whether you're clocking a few laps at the track or heading out for a trail run. Mesh ventilation in targeted zones, including the top of the foot, delivers a breathable, airy feel. You'll even find socks with HEAT.RDY for hot-weather miles. Socks with added cushioning in high-impact zones can help make a long run feel more manageable. If you're doing speedwork on the track, a pair of sprinting socks delivers a barely-there feel while providing lightweight cushioning that won't weigh you down. Look for seamless designs that offer a smooth feel and eliminate chafing.

The length of runner's socks you choose really comes down to preference, but there are a few things to consider. If you're a long-distance runner, you might appreciate the compressive feel of over-the-calf socks that stay put for the long haul. For trail running, a quarter length or crew cut design will keep dirt and debris out better than a no-show sock. If you choose a low-cut style, they come with pull tabs on each heel for easy on-and-off, and also to keep them from slipping down and causing the back of your shoe to rub. Don't forget, we have sprinters socks designed specifically for men, women and kids, so you can find a just-right fit, no matter which length you choose. They all come with plenty of stretch so they go on quickly when you're trying to get out the door in a rush, and come off easily when your run is done.

Your feet work hard when you're out there pounding the pavement or navigating a trail. The treadmill and the track? They demand just as much from those feet of yours. Be sure to treat them right with a good pair of runners socks. Choose from single pairs or packs that have you covered for each of your daily runs throughout the week. You'll find that our socks come with plenty of sporty style. Choose crew socks with 3-Stripes around the calf or quarter socks with an adidas Badge of Sport that rides at your ankle. You can find colorful socks that look bright and snappy, and low-key white, grey or black socks that do their job without asking for attention. Every run requires a good foundation, so stock up on running socks from adidas to power you through every mile in comfort.

Running Socks Frequently Asked Questions

You can wear either kind of running socks, depending on your preference and the weather. Thin socks are the lightest weight and most breathable socks for running, especially when it's hot out. But thicker socks, with more cushioning in the foot and cuff, can still be plenty breathable while providing comfort and insulation for cooler weather.
The best running socks are made with moisture-managing yarn like adidas AEROREADY, to keep your feet feeling dry and comfortable from warmup to cool-down. Socks with arch support and targeted compression zones support your feet for mile after mile without scrunching up inside your shoes.
Compression socks are great for running. Compression running socks are designed to stay in place while you run, to reduce distractions, prevent blisters and support your foot's movement. Look for features like targeted compression zones and adaptive knits that wrap the foot for support through every mile.