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Walking Shoes

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adidas Walking Shoes

From taking the dog for a quick spin to covering some serious ground for exercise, walking shoes from adidas are up to the task. Get energy back with every step you take when you lace up in walking sneakers built with adidas Boost. This innovative technology delivers ultra-soft cushioning, setting the standard for what comfort in a pair of shoes is meant to be. With a clean design and a comfort-forward build, walking footwear from adidas blends the best of all worlds. They're the shoes that will slide right into your daily rotation thanks to their lightweight, breathable construction. Knit mesh uppers flex with your feet, and for even more comfort, go for a Cloudfoam midsole that feels like walking on — you guessed it — clouds.

For a truly invigorating experience, try the Ultraboost 1.0 or Ultraboost 22. With hundreds of adidas Boost capsules bursting with energy and ultimate cushioning and comfort, some feet really can have it all. Whether you're racking up miles for fun or just need a good pair of go-to shoes, there's a style you'll love just waiting. Shop the entire selection of walking shoes from adidas now.

Walking Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-training shoes are designed with multi-directional movement in mind, while walking and running shoes are made for heel-to-toe movement. Cross-trainers often have more cushioning in the forefoot than walking shoes so they can support landing on your toes, like in jumping jacks. And they may have outsoles that are wider than typical walking shoes to support side-to-side movements.
Walking is most comfortable in lightweight shoes with cushioning, arch support, a flexible outsole and low heels. Walking shoes for women that leave room for your toes to move make your daily rounds go smoothly — check for a finger's width between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe. A sturdy heel will help keep your foot from slipping inside the shoe.
To pick the right walking shoe, think about where you'll wear the shoes most — getting in your daily steps on pavement? Roaming forest paths? Moving through a workday? Choose walking shoes for women that are stable and supportive, with a low heel and room for your toes. For suggestions on specific adidas shoes for city walks, trail hikes and other scenarios, take a look at our guide to picking the best walking shoes.