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The unsung heroes within every shoe. adidas socks use quality cotton blends to let your feet breathe while looking good in the iconic trefoil.
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Socks Frequently Asked Questions

The three main types of socks are low, mid-height and high socks. Many sub-types fall into these three categories. Low socks can include no-show, low-cut, ankle cut and quarter length. Mid socks can include mid-crew and crew length. High socks can include knee-high and over-the-knee socks. But there’s not a defined standard for sock types. If you want a super clean look, go for no-show socks. Or if you have a pair of crew socks that you want to show off, pair them with some shorts and cool kicks.
The difference between crew socks and socks is that crew socks are a subset of socks. The name “crew” describes the height of the sock. Socks can be a variety of lengths, from no-show to quarter length to knee high. Crew socks usually come up to just below the calf, though there are crew variations too. Mid crew is a little lower.
Low-cut and ankle socks typically aren’t quite the same. Low-cut socks fit a little higher than no-show socks and are often visible when wearing shoes. Ankle socks sit higher than low ones, extending past the collar of the shoe, providing a little more ankle coverage and eliminating skin-to-shoe contact.