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Black Duffel Bags

Built for boxing class, road games or weekends away, black duffel bags from adidas come in a range of sizes to keep your gear organized when you're on the move.

adidas Black Duffle Bags

When you're headed to the gym — or any destination, actually — black duffle bags are a great choice for carrying all your stuff. Black is the go-to color for a sleek, everyday-use bag that can be paired with any outfit. Appropriate for all occasions, a black athletic bag is extremely versatile. From the gym to the office and at every one of your overnight stays, the black duffle bag is your reliable carryall to tote everything that you require. You're sure to feel confident about the quality with our duffel bags that come with a lifetime warranty. Duffel bags are the perfect item to add to your desk drawer or locker for those times you might need it. And for expectant moms or those living in precarious environments, a duffel is the ideal bag. It's lightweight and easily packable — you can pack it ahead of time and have it waiting by the door to give you a head start on your day.

Players play and leave it all out on the field, except for the sweat. The black football duffle bag makes it easy to pack up an extra change of clothes for after practice or the winning game. With zip endcap pockets, you can securely tuck your football shoes away so that any odors do not permeate the rest of the bag. With the bag's water-resistant base, you won't have to worry where you take it or where you set it down. A dewy football field or a moist locker room floor won't penetrate your black training duffle bag, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will stay safe and dry. Soft duffle bags are easily stored in your gym locker or a dresser drawer at home when not in use. They can neatly fold up and be tucked away out of view without the need for extra storage space to stash the whole volume of your bag.

Jet-setters would be remiss without their classic black duffel bags slung across their chest or trolleying behind them. Flying business comes with its perks, and so does packing light. Black athletic bags are lightweight, so you can easily sling them over your shoulder with the adjustable straps or check them as undercarriage luggage without the fear of paying an overweight fee. But the design of travel duffles doesn't stop with an over-the-shoulder strap. You can opt for a convenient black duffle with wheels and complete with a telescope handle so you don't have to sweat the trip to your next meeting. Road trip travel requires packing the car efficiently, which is easy to do with a black athletic bag. They're rectangular in size and squeezable to fit in tight spaces, so you'll find it easier to pack these bags than any hard suitcase.

From the classroom to office hours, students and teachers alike can enjoy the features of a popular black athletic bag. These days, students and teachers are toting a lot more around than they used to, which is why one backpack might not have enough space for everything anymore. After loading up your pack with the heavy-hitters, a light and comfortable duffel bag that can be slung over your shoulders can help you transport that extra set of clothes, gym gear or even your laptop in order to prevent these items from being squished by all those heavy textbooks you have to bring with you. With the bag's front and side zip pockets, you can easily store important items like your keys, wallet or calculator in a place where you can always keep an eye on them. Conveniently sized and comfortably designed, sleek and athletic adidas black duffel bags are perfect to take on the go, wherever you have to go.