Fanny Packs

There are times when you don't need to haul everything, but you still need to haul something. For those occasions, turn to adidas waist bags. Classic fanny packs have comfortable adjustable belts and zip pockets to hold your keys, phone and wallet. Opt for a larger waist bag that can hold a date book or a daily planner. Check out color and print options or go with monochrome black to complement your favorite outfits. Snap the belt shut with a secure buckle that keeps the bag close to your body.

adidas Waist Bag

What's small and inconspicuous but big enough to hold essentials like your phone, wallet or keys? Also, what's small and decidedly NOT inconspicuous and capable of elevating an entire outfit while holding your essentials? The answer to both: the waist bag.

  1. More Than a Name: Only something as amazing as a fanny pack could survive decades while still having the word "fanny" in its name. Made in lightweight, durable fabric, with a utilitarian yet stylish design and multiple compartments, adidas fanny packs are a must-have whenever you leave home.
  2. Collabs That Seal the Deal: If there's still doubt as to the stylistic merits of the waist bag, look no further than our collaborations. Bags designed with brands like Ivy Park and Stella McCartney prove just how far this utilitarian legend has come.
  3. It's a Belt Bag, but Also Not: Wear your bag across your chest, over your shoulders or even, with some models, like a backpack, thanks to the adjustable straps. Choose different configurations based on comfort and your environment.
  4. Waist Bags for Standing Out: Spend no more time trying to hide your functional yet extremely unattractive waist bag. Choose one that stands out with bright colors, ornate designs or unique shapes and then build your outfit around it.
  5. Waist Bags for Blending In: Choose a waist bag in a neutral color if you'd prefer to minimize the attention given to your fanny pack. Neutral colors also make it easier to wear with as many of your outfits as possible.

Get the perfect solution for a hands-free life in a piece of apparel no wider than 18 inches. Built to carry all you need in as little space as possible, and in an organized manner, the waist bag is officially practical and stylish.