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Y-3 Black Y-3 Travel BagY-3 Black Y-3 Travel Bag
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Y-3 Travel Bag


Streamlined travel bags are well-constructed to keep your belongings safe

Slipping away for the weekend becomes a pleasure rather than a chore when you use adidas travel bags to pack away your clothes, shoes and the other items you will need for your trip. Our bags are manufactured using a tough polyester weave around a durable metal frame and some have an expandable compartment and roomy exterior pockets in case you need to pack heavy for a stay of more than a few days. They are available in small, medium or larger sizes and also feature wheels and a retractable carry handle so they can keep up with you regardless of your pace.

Negate the bulk of conventional suitcases with large travel bags

Large travel bags are just the thing you need for spending a week or so abroad, whether you are working on your tan or working on your office presentation. A streamlined exterior and lightweight construction negate the bulk of regular suitcases, which makes ours easier to negotiate, allowing you to stroll confidently to your transportation and effortlessly to the reservation desk or check-in counter. Athletes and business travellers also love our large travel bags because they are designed with a separate compartment for your shoes to keep them tucked away so they won’t disturb your neatly folded clothes.

Travelling low-budget is a cinch with a travel bag

The United Kingdom is a nation of travellers owing to the diversity of culture, history and geography of the region. Additionally, cheap air fares thanks to the emergence of the low-budget airline industry have opened up the European continent as never before, which accounts for a significant portion of our overall travel. At some point in your life, a great travel bag will be absolutely necessary and you will want one that is affordable, manageable and fit for purpose. Our collection of adidas travel bags are sure to meet and even exceed your expectations.