adidas Belts

On the go and on the green, adidas belts show you pay attention to detail and keep you looking sharp.

Belts that help you achieve the perfect fit

When you’re looking to improve the fit of your trousers, shorts, or skirts, choose your favourite from this selection of belts from adidas, which includes styles adapted for running, some that are ideal for playing golf, while others are versatile and perfect for everyday casual wear. You’ll be able to pick between a variety of materials and styles, with leather offering a premium look, braided textile for added flexibility, or if you’re planning to go jogging, then a run belt which enables you to carry a few essentials with you is just what you need.

Designed for comfort and durability

This selection of belts by adidas is set to guarantee you comfort through its special designs and the addition of special features. A style with a pin buckle is ideal if you want a stable fit, while a clamp buckle is adjustable and allows for a fully customized fit. Belt styles that are made with stretchy material will adapt to your every move and give you the added flexibility you need for sports with wide movement ranges such as golf, and when it comes to running, a style with mesh backing will add ventilation and breathability.

Styles that help you make the most of your day

When choosing your favourite amongst this selection of belts by adidas, pick the one most adapted to your needs, whether you need an accessory for casual comfort or to help you perform better as you’re training. The addition of a loop to help tuck the belt in will remove distractions and allow you to concentrate on the game, while run belt styles equipped with pockets for water bottles will keep you hydrated and are ideal for long distance runs, and if you’re participating in a race you will love a style with an integrated holder for your race number.