Men's Winter Running Gear


Don't let the cold weather steal your stride. With water-repellent shoes and insulated training jackets, men's winter running gear can handle any weather.

adidas Men's Winter Running Gear

Staying committed to your running routine through the cold, wet and dark winter months takes dedication and the right men's winter running gear. Staying warm, comfortable and visible are the top priorities on a winter run. Rain, snow, wind. No matter what winter brings to your run, we have a full selection of men's cold weather running clothes to get you out the door and training. When the temperature takes a plunge, you can pull on a warm running beanie and slide your hands into a pair of insulated running gloves for the extra coverage to stay committed to your fitness.

When the skies go wet and windy, our men's warm running clothes keep you true to your goals. Look to a lightweight running jacket with adidas WIND.RDY to seal out the elements or a waterproof, breathable running jacket featuring GORE-TEX to keep you dry and on pace, no matter the weather. Of course, there's nothing like a fresh pair of men's winter running shoes to add an extra level of comfort and energy to your next run. Our extensive collection of running shoes includes a pair to match your training needs. Look for the confident grip of Continental™ Rubber to extend your range through the cold, wet season. Why slow your pace when you can find the men's winter running gear you need to stay committed through any weather.

Men's Winter Running Gear Frequently Asked Questions

Track suits have become more popular for running, though they were originally created for athletes to wear before and after they competed, not while they ran. Insulated jackets and joggers make great winter running gear because they provide an easy layer of protection from chilly weather. If you want to run in a track suit, look for one made with lightweight, synthetic materials rather than cotton. Read our blog for more about what to wear when running in cold weather.
The warmest gear for winter running combines insulation with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you comfortable even when you work up a sweat. Examples include jackets made with adidas COLD.RDY and Terrex MYSHELTER. Look for down insulation and lightweight fleece to stay warmest on your winter runs.
The best clothes for running in winter provide insulation without trapping sweat against your skin. Layers, including down insulation and fleece fabrics, are key to staying warm and motivated on cold-weather runs. Bring a jacket that’s easy to remove and carry as you warm up. Winter running gear like a beanie and a pair of gloves will keep your ears and fingers comfortable, too.