Women's Winter Running Gear

Shop adidas women's winter running gear and show up for every chilly-day outdoor workout. Explore cold-conquering tights, hoodies, accessories and more.

adidas Women's Winter Running Gear

With adidas women's running gear, there's no such thing as too cold. From head to toe, we've got you covered with hats, jackets, shoes, gloves and more. Tackle the coldest days and slickest surfaces with shoes equipped with advanced waterproofing and insulation. Our winter running gear features GORE-TEX materials and COLD.DRY insulation to help you splash through any icy puddle or stream. Continental™ Rubber outsoles ensure you stay on your feet on slick terrain thanks to extraordinary grip on ice-covered surfaces. Experience all-wheel drive with every stride, and never use the weather as an excuse to stay inside on a cold day.

Once you have your feet covered, it's time to bundle up in women's cold-weather running gear. The key to staying warm on the coldest days is efficient layering. Your base layer is one of the most important items can wear to stay warm. Make sure you choose a moisture-wicking base layer to keep you dry. Sealing in the heat with a mid-weight fleece or hoodie is the next step. The last piece to the heat puzzle is a GORE-TEX shell that will shield your body from wind, rain, and snow. When cover these three layers with women't cold weather jogging gear, you'll stay moving on the coldest days. Shop women's winter running gear today and take the chill off.