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Women’s running sports bras balance support and mobility, so you can stay dialed-in without being held back. Made for high-impact training, they give you the confidence to push your boundaries.


Day after day, running takes dedication, patience and perseverance, and all those miles require support. For women who love running, sports bras should be as comfortable and reliable as their favorite footwear. In a wide range of sizes and styles, adidas running bras are built for high-intensity sprints, jogs around the neighborhood and everything in between. Looking for high-impact sports bras for running, dance or boxing? With breathable power mesh and supportive adjustable straps, the Stronger for It sports bra keeps you locked and loaded.

Offering maximum support and compression you can count on, adidas Ultimate Bras feature padded straps and a secure front zip, ideal for larger cup sizes. Running bras built with Alphaskin provide compression, breathability and UV protection for days when your bra doubles as your workout top. Explore adidas sports bras in classic solid colors, energizing allover prints and 3-Stripes graphics.

Not sure how to fit your adidas running bra? A well-fitted bra should stay comfortably in place, mile after mile. Find your perfect sports bra fit with this guide, featuring step-by-step instructions and clips to help you choose a sports bra with the right fit, features and support level for you. Whether you’re a marathoner or a weekend jogger, a great running bra can help you reach new personal bests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Sports Bras

Which sports bras are best for running? 

The best sports bras for running provide extra support through increased padding, adjustable strap systems and synthetic materials with compression and moisture-wicking capabilities. This added support minimizes breast movement and excessive bouncing that can lead to discomfort, tissue damage and reduced mobility. There are many types of construction for sports bras for running that either compress (restrict movement), encapsulate (surround and support) or do both. There are also many styles of sports bras including crisscross, tank top and racerback. It’s important to get a proper measurement and test how the bra fits during an activity to ensure that it will deliver comfortable support without causing chaffing, pinch points, or other discomfort.  

What is the best running sports bra for large cup sizes?  

The best sports bras for running with cup sizes are designed to deliver the maximum amount of support and the ability to minimize breast movement that can lead to back pain, discomfort, skin irritation and fatigue. There are three types of sports bras for running: compression (restricts movement), encapsulation (surrounds & supports) and a combination that provides both. Most high-support sports bras are typically either encapsulation or compression/encapsulation as they minimize breast movement the best while also decreasing force generation and providing support for the spine.    

How should a sports bra fit for running? 

A sports bra for running should fit more snuggly than an everyday bra and should be designed to provide support, minimize breast movement, reduce force and chaffing/skin irritation. The first step to finding a sports bra that fits is to measure your rib cage, band size and cup size to determine the exact size you need. You should start by adjusting the band to fit comfortably around your rib cage as it will be responsible for supporting most of the weight of your breasts. Next, adjust the straps to make sure you have comfortable up and down movement and your breasts feel supported. You should be able to fit two fingers between the band around your rib cage and the straps over your shoulders. The last step is to check to make the sure each breast is fully centered and supported by the cup of the sports bra.