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Cushioned X Wool Crew Socks
Grove Beanie
Grove Beanie
Grove Beanie
COLD.RDY Running Jacket
Techfit Warm Long Tights
COLD.RDY Techfit Long Tights
Resort Two-Layer Insulated Stretch Pants
Tactical Lexicon ADV Boots
Valeran Mittens
Resort Three-in-One Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER Snow 2-Layer Insulated Jacket
Samba ADV Boots


Absolute freedom is carving through fresh powder, facing the challenge of the mountain, and feeling the rush of adrenaline as the wind whistles past you. If the slopes are calling you and you’re dreaming about gliding down the piste, you’re going to need battle-tested snowboarding gear that’s able to keep up with your pace. Gear like snowboarding boots, goggles, jackets, and underlayers need to keep the snow out and the warmth in. Some stylish flair is an added bonus. Trusted by professional snowboarders, adidas snowboarding gear is built to keep you on the slopes all day while rocking a style that is as effortless as your journey down the mountain.


Rugged and responsive, the adidas Samba ADV Boots perform as well on the mountain as they do at the park. The fuzzy liner holds your foot in place, and the grippy outsole gives you traction on snow and ice. Designed to meet the needs of snowboarders like Jake Blauvelt, the Acerra 3ST ADV Boots are the most technically advanced adidas snowboarding boots to date. They combine high shock absorption and support with a heat-moldable liner and an articulated cuff for maximum comfort. Inspired by the iconic shoe, the adidas Superstar ADV Boots blend easygoing comfort and responsive control. These snowboarding boots have a softer outsole, giving them more flex and a better board feel. Tighten the detachable ankle strap and lace up with the traditional lacing system for the perfect fit.


On the mountain, you need to be able to see your path no matter how much snow is dumping. SP0040 and SP0039 snow goggles by adidas keep your vision clear and your lenses fog-free for maximum visibility. The Kolor-Up™ lenses give you natural-color perception, and the 15-hole ventilation system on top keeps air flowing when you're carving down the slope. The toric lens shape keeps the view accessible in all directions. Three layers of cushioned face foam and an adjustable back strap keep you comfortable from the first run to the last, and you can easily pop out the lenses when the conditions call for a change.


When you’re strapped in and ready to go, you need underlayers that will keep you warm while you’re carving up the slopes and keep you cool when you’re taking a breather at the ski lodge. That’s why adidas snowboarding underlayer gear uses the latest technology to boost warmth while rocking that classic 3-Stripe style. Graphic tees and long sleeves are the perfect base layer. Try out a COLD.RDY down vest, training hoodie, or quarter-zip jacket as a mid layer for ultimate protection against the chill winds. The Civilian Jacket has a seam-sealed, waterproof build to keep you dry, and a smooth woven lining for breathable, all-day comfort.


Can you use any snowboard boots with any snowboard?

No, not all snowboard boots will fit any snowboard. Your snowboard boots need to not only fit your feet, but also fit your board’s bindings. Snowboard bindings usually come in small, medium and large sizes, but these aren’t universal. Check your snowboard brand’s size chart to find out which boot sizes will fit into your board’s bindings.

Can you wear a snowboarding jacket casually?

Yes, you can wear your snowboarding jacket casually when you aren’t snowboarding. A snowboarding jacket is a tough, waterproof and wind-resistant outer layer. The jackets may be heavily insulated, or they may be shells intended to be worn on top of other warm layers. Your snowboarding jacket can make a great companion off the mountain whenever the weather is cold. Learn how to wash all types of jackets on the adidas blog.

What is a snowboarding jacket?

A snowboarding jacket is a sturdy layer made for both the athletic movements of the sport and the extreme winter elements you may find yourself in. There are hardshells, softshells, insulated jackets and three-in-one jackets, depending on your specific needs. In general, snowboarding jackets are waterproof (and often seam-sealed) to keep the cold rain and snow on the outside. They also need to be breathable to accommodate the perspiration that comes with the intense sport. A snowboarding jacket may have a hood or not, depending on your style and how cold it is where you board.