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Prepare for harsh conditions in style. adidas snowboarding clothes offer a range of 3-Stripes styles that keep the cold under control for backcountry adventure.

Snowboarding gear

When it comes to snowboarding wear, you won’t find a collection more complete than adidas, starting with snowboarding clothing for men and women of all ages which includes long sleeved tops, bottoms, hoodies, vests, as well as a variety of jacket styles such as windbreakers, waterproof, insulated, fleece or down jackets. Snowboarding boots are specially designed to provide maximum grip whether you’re on the board sliding down the hill or on the snow walking to your next destination, while accessories such as beanies and gloves complement your outfit while ensuring you are comfortably warm throughout the day.

Supportive designs

Whether you’re looking for clothing or footwear, the adidas snowboarding wear collection guarantees you comfort and security through designs that incorporate special technologies. These include the use of special fabric that is breathable yet waterproof, and insulating fabric that keeps you warm by trapping your body heat inside. When it comes to snowboarding boots, the use of outsole technologies such as Stealth® or Continental™ rubber ensures the highest grip even in wet conditions, while a responsive midsole such as Boost or a cushioned midsole such as Lightweight EVA give your feet the protection they need against the harshness of contact movements.

A secure fit for all

One of the most important features of adidas snowboarding wear is the reassurance that your gear allows for a wide range of movements thanks to a range of comfortable fits. Secure fits are also guaranteed thanks to the availability of double closures and drawstring elastics so you can easily try new tricks on the board, while styles with side and back zip pockets are great if you want to keep a few valuables within secure reach. And if you’re environmentally conscious, choose snowboarding wear made with recycled polyester in order to help decrease emissions and save the earth’s resources.