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Running Sneakers

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adidas Running Athletic Sneakers

Take your athletics up a gear with adidas running athletic sneakers. From daily jogs to marathon training to race day, every runner needs a pair of shoes they can rely on when they step out the door and aim for success. That's why we have loads of running sneakers tailored for every runner and personal preference, so you can get the perfect fit and feel ready for every day out racking up the laps. Our athletic sneakers feature lightweight, breathable uppers so you can stay cool and comfy all day. Look for adidas PRIMEKNIT if you want a super-soft upper that will give you enough support while being flexible for increased movement.

Choosing the right midsole can also impact your running style and comfort. If you want all-day comfort, adidas Boost will give you a burst of energy and extreme cushioning to keep you light on your feet all day. Our 4D range is our latest in showstopping innovation, and features 3D-printed midsoles to convert every step you take into forward motion. If weight is at the top of your priorities, check out adizero, designed to be super lightweight and give you every advantage possible when sprinting for the finish tape. Whatever your preference, check out adidas to get moving in style. Find the shoe to match your running style with adidas running athletic sneakers.