Kids' Running Sneakers: Age 0-16

Kids' running athletic sneakers from adidas give little speedsters the comfort and stability they need to stay in high gear from dawn until dark.

adidas Kids' Running Athletic Sneakers

Get on track with adidas kids' running athletic sneakers. From playtime to family bike rides to after-school classes, kids never stop. So match that endless energy with adidas kids' running athletic shoes and put them on the road to success. When chasing dragons and mermaids, a sturdy pair of sneakers is vital to conquering the playground and being comfy along the way. adidas athletic footwear is created with ease of use and comfort at the forefront. Lightweight materials and soft underfoot cushioning will keep kids feeling light on their feet no matter how long they're out playing. The sturdiness of adidas outsoles will make sure they can grip to any surface and be prepared for all terrains. So whether you're racing through the forests, walking the dog along the beach or having playtime in the park, adidas sneakers will be up to the task.

Look for adidas Boost, our front-runner in underfoot cushioning and maximum energy return. The adidas Boost midsole was created to propel with a burst of power in every step, perfect for matching kids' endless energy and keeping that spring in their step. For younger children, hook-and-loop sneakers will give them the independence to strap in and go. The hook-and-loop design makes it easy for kids and parents to strap kids in so they're secure all day. So whether they're an aspiring runner or just a bundle of energy, strap up and lace in to adidas kids' running athletic sneakers to give them the support they need to achieve greatness.