Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes


adidas Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes

Put your footwork, speed and passing skills on full display all year long with men's indoor soccer shoes from adidas. You'll find professional-level shoes featuring a soft split-suede leather upper for a great fit and incredible ball touch, along with an EVA midsole that offers lightweight comfort. The gum rubber outsole is specifically designed for indoor surfaces. Or go old school in the Samba, one of the most popular indoor soccer shoes of all time. These legendary shoes have dominated indoor soccer for decades with a durable synthetic leather upper and a lightweight EVA midsole for better response on any surface.

Or fly past the opposition in X Speedportal shoes featuring a coated textile upper that flashes a montage of Lionel Messi footwear graphics. Underneath, a grippy rubber outsole and soft EVA midsole keep you ready to react on indoor surfaces. A stretchy flat-knit collar and a rigid TPU heel lock ensure that you're strapped in and ready to take over the match. Or play like a pro in shoes featuring a breathable mesh upper with High Definition Grip rubber elements in the strike zone. In addition to providing solid grip on the ball, they ensure that the forefoot stays flexible for comfortable movement.

Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of shoes for indoor soccer. Your choice will, however, depend on the type of surface you’ll be playing on. Flat indoor soccer shoes are best for hardcourts, like basketball courts, as they provide the best grip and traction with their rubber outsoles. Turf soccer shoes feature small rubber nubs on the outsole that grip artificial surfaces.
Running shoes can be worn for indoor soccer, but aren’t the best and safest choice. Running shoes lack the secure traction that indoor soccer shoes offer. adidas indoor soccer shoes, for example, have sleek rubber soles for added traction and acceleration. Running shoes also don’t provide the same touch and control on the ball since they tend to be bulkier. While you can play indoor soccer in running shoes, ultimately, indoor soccer shoes are well worth it to help you play your best and lessen injuries.
Indoor soccer shoes should have a snug fit. The shoe should fit as close to the end of the toe without touching and leave a ¼-inch gap. The sides should fit close to your foot so there’s no room to wiggle. Make sure the shoe has a good sidewall, arch and lateral ankle support to limit injuries. Lastly, walk around in the shoes and check for painful pressure points. You can also measure your foot from the heel to the end of your big toe and check size guides before purchasing.Get the facts on how to buy soccer cleats that match your game.