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Men's Soccer Socks

Match your kit or just train in pitch-perfect style with adidas men's soccer socks. Explore a range of looks, designed for every level of play and position. adidas has what you need to complete your kit, including shirts and jerseys.

adidas Men's Soccer Socks

Whether playing in an organized league or just kicking the ball around with friends, the right pair of men's soccer socks can make all the difference. adidas offers a selection of performance socks for players at every level. From recreational to professional, our socks are engineered specifically for the demands of the game. Lightweight, breathable fabrics wick moisture and keep feet dry and comfortable for the full 90 minutes. Compression fabrics provide targeted support where you need it most. No matter your playing style or position, your feet will feel comfortable in our soccer socks for men.

For the best fit and feel, browse our full range of socks that match every foot type. If you need men's XL soccer socks that are extra-spacious, we've got them. If you prefer a snugger fit or those for smaller feet, we have those too. Reinforced heel and toe areas provide maximum durability in high-wear areas. A variety of designs, colors and styles, from ankle, knee-high to no-show mean you'll feel and look your best on the pitch. Home or away, training or supporting, stop by adidas online or in store today to find men's soccer socks that are primed and ready to help you dominate on the field.

Men's Soccer Socks Frequently Asked Questions

Some compression socks are designed to play soccer in, but not all soccer socks have full compression. Soccer socks may have a compression fit just at the arch and ankle. This helps support the ankle joint and keeps the socks from slipping around inside your cleats. This type of compression fit also allows you to slide your shin guards inside the socks to hold them firmly. Many athletes like the muscle-hugging support of full-compression socks for running and training.
Grip soccer socks are designed with a particular kind of yarn to keep them from moving around inside your cleats as you run and kick. But grip socks aren't necessary to play soccer; snug-fitting socks with compression at the arch provide the same effect. For the most part, grip socks are used at the pro level. For other players, arch compression delivers enough of a snug feel.
Soccer socks should feel snug. This helps keep them from slipping inside your boots and also supports your feet. But there also needs to be enough give in the leg that the socks can hold and cover your shin guards securely.