Men's Soccer Socks

Pull on adidas men’s soccer socks and get in the game. Hold your shin guards in place and keep your feet dry and comfortable with snug, sweat-wicking fabric that stays out of your way while you play. adidas has what you need to complete your kit, including shirts and jerseys.

soccer socks for men

Supporting your side doesn’t stop at the club jersey – that’s just the beginning. Complete your ensemble with the latest soccer socks from adidas. Available in club colors as part of the teams’ official strips for this season, as well as other models made specifically for maximising your training sessions, you can keep your feet fully supported and in optimal comfort for your next game. With a variety of designs, from the bold to the discreet, and the most innovative sportswear technology adidas has to offer, this range of men’s soccer socks is simply the best yet.

Empowered by adidas

With adidas being worn by some of the biggest and best sides in the world, in both club and international soccer, these men’s soccer socks are another way to show your support. Designed to coordinate with the latest team kits, they come in classic home colors as well as alternative away versions. Engineered artwork, including the club’s name or emblem, means that there will be no mistaking where your heart is as your feet do the talking on the field. If you’re looking to follow your heroes as they compete to be champions, there’s no better way to do it than with a pair of soccer socks.

They might not be the most glamorous item of kit, but these men’s soccer socks have been thoughtfully designed to optimize your performance on the field. This includes Climacool ventilation, which makes the fabric as breathable as possible to keep your feet cool when the pressure is on, and anatomically placed Formotion cushioning that’s specifically designed for both the left and the right foot. Combine this with compression Techfit technology and you have socks that are ready to take your game to the next level. Ready to go there too? Grab a pair of adidas men’s soccer socks now.

Men's Soccer Socks Frequently Asked Questions

Some compression socks are designed to play soccer in, but not all soccer socks have full compression. Soccer socks may have a compression fit just at the arch and ankle. This helps support the ankle joint and keeps the socks from slipping around inside your cleats. This type of compression fit also allows you to slide your shin guards inside the socks to hold them firmly. Many athletes like the muscle-hugging support of full-compression socks for running and training.
Grip soccer socks are designed with a particular kind of yarn to keep them from moving around inside your cleats as you run and kick. But grip socks aren't necessary to play soccer; snug-fitting socks with compression at the arch provide the same effect. For the most part, grip socks are used at the pro level. For other players, arch compression delivers enough of a snug feel.
Soccer socks should feel snug. This helps keep them from slipping inside your boots and also supports your feet. But there also needs to be enough give in the leg that the socks can hold and cover your shin guards securely.