Men's Turf Soccer Shoes

Turf is an unforgiving surface when using the wrong outsole. It demands a specific stud pattern and robust construction to generate grip and control.

adidas Men’s Turf Soccer Shoes

Nothing gets between you and the ball with the secure footing of adidas men’s turf soccer shoes. From taking off on a breakaway or cutting past defenders, your equipment needs to support your creative game. Specialized surfaces need specialized outsoles whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor. Artificial turf soccer shoes feature rubber nubs that provide the grip you need to play your best.

No matter your play style or position, there are adidas turf cleats ready to support your game with secure traction and soft cushioning. Pull on a pair of Predator soccer shoes for precise control on the field that’s almost unfair. A laceless design offers flexible support, while Demonskin 2.0 rubber strike zones feature a raised texture for enhanced touch on the ball when passing, shooting and receiving. Laced versions lock your foot in for whatever moves you use to lose opponents. X shoes are lightweight so you stay a step ahead of the defense. Leave your mark wondering where you went and how the ball ended up in the net. Shop adidas for men’s turf soccer shoes ready to take over the game.

Men's Turf Soccer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The best cleats to wear on synthetic turf are soccer turf shoes, which are designed with an outsole pattern of rubber lugs instead of metal spikes. This helps provide traction on the rough, short-bladed surface of turf without tearing through it. The shoes’ midsole and upper materials, such as EVA and synthetic leather, also contribute to a player’s ability to make quick moves on turf.
You shouldn’t play indoor soccer with turf shoes. Soccer turf shoes are made with rubber lugs for traction, and they could mark up the surface of a hard indoor court. Conversely, your indoor soccer shoes will last longer if you reserve them for indoor games and practice. Want more info on choosing the right soccer cleats for your kind of play? Check out our guide.
Adi Dassler was making soccer cleats with leather a hundred years ago, and a few players still like all-leather cleats. But today adidas makes most of its soccer cleats with adidas Primeknit, mesh or synthetic leather. These materials make for sleek, lightweight cleats with soft touch and less wear-in time than full leather. Some of the cleats place leather on the forefoot because players like its smooth touch in the striking area. Players who prefer all-leather cleats value the material’s strength, durability and softness. Most players choose other cleats for performance in a game built on speed.