Indoors and outdoors, adidas basketballs are durably built with excellent grip, so you can get your shot off cleanly while limiting turnovers.

Basketball balls, for kids to pros

We have all the basketball balls you could need, no matter how old you are or what level you play at – all the way to official professional balls. Practise your moves at home with a mini rubber basketball or get yourself a full-size court ball that you can hit the driveway hoops with and bring along to pick-up street games. They're suitable for any kind of surface, made from tough materials that can stand up to the roughest concrete outdoor courts. They all benefit from the pro-level construction methods that we've developed over many years of working with some of the top professional teams.

Basketballs developed at the game's highest levels

When you buy adidas basketballs, you get the kind of superior engineering, materials and construction that the pros enjoy, to help your own game as a dedicated amateur player. Or perhaps you just want to get your kid acquainted with the game. You can start them out with a mini basketball made from a durable rubber outer, with an injection moulded butyl bladder that creates a medium bounce for practising at home. These basketball balls are great for space-restricted indoor games with smaller hoops too. Then they can graduate to a full-size rubber ball that gives a true bounce on most surfaces.

Enjoy the best of the best with balls for basketball

You can also treat yourself to professional-level basketball balls. These are made from faux leather created using a polyurethane composite, lined with channels that both remove moisture from the ball and allow you to get a firm grip even if your hands are sweaty. These are an absolute pleasure to play with, giving an intuitive feel that makes you feel like you've elevated your game overnight.

Basketballs Frequently Asked Questions

The NBA uses a basketball made with a pebble-textured leather cover. The official NBA ball is size 7, with a 29.5" circumference and approximate weight of 22 ounces. It's soft to the touch and breaks in well on indoor courts. The WNBA uses a size 6.
A size 5 basketball is a kids' basketball, generally used for ages 8 and under. It has an approximate circumference of 27.5" — compared to 29.5" for a men's size 7, and 28.5" for a women's and youth size 6.
When choosing a basketball, first make sure it's the right size for you, and made for the type of court you'll be playing on. Size 7 is the standard NBA ball size; the WNBA uses size 6. Indoor balls are best for indoor courts, but they're also able to take more wear and tear if used outdoors. Outdoor balls are made for greater durability on outdoor courts, and they can also be used indoors.