White Basketball Shoes

Look sleek on the court or off in white basketball shoes. Keep it low-key in white-on-white lifestyle sneakers, or dominate wearing white signature hoops shoes.
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adidas White Basketball Shoes

There's nothing quite like a pair of white basketball shoes to put a fresh twist into your look. Whether it's an all-white design, white accents to make them pop or a fair mix of white and color, our adidas shoes let you match with any uniform or forge a style all your own. If you're looking for white basketball footwear with a classic vibe, it doesn't get any more iconic than the adidas Forum. They first debuted in 1984 as basketball sneakers and have since been spun into a street style legend, taking part in multiple collaborations, colorways and variations over the years. They were also the first white basketball footwear from adidas to be offered in low, mid and high top models. The Forum stand tall, with a crisp leather upper, while the classic Trefoil logo on the tongue peers just above its unmistakable strap, a timeless look recognized anywhere in the world. Although many versions of the Forum have been introduced since their inception, their roots in the hardwood have always been on display. This is also reflected in how these sneakers feel on your feet — a plush feel that has been consistent since their inception.

The Forum Bold stay true to their '80s basketball roots while adding subtle details throughout the upper. These women's basketball high tops have an eye-catching snakeskin deboss on the X-ankle detail and are lined with soft terry for a comfortable feel. The platform outsole feels plush with every step. Wear them with your everyday jeans or your favorite outfit. If white basketball shoes with vibrant accents are more your speed, take a look at Donovan Mitchell's new signature shoes. They have a light-grey LIGHTLOCK upper for a snug fit and a Lightstrike midsole that offers a responsive feel. You won't have to worry about heavy shoes that slow you down — just blow past your defender or push the break to get your team in front. The rubber outsole has a digitized pattern designed to generate traction where you need it most, so you can cut, change directions or stop on a dime just like Spida. His logo and signature graphics provide the ultimate stamp of approval.

If classic black and white basketball footwear is more your speed, then Damian Lillard has got you covered. Pick up a pair of Dame shoes, and let it fly from deep like he does during those crunch-time moments. The textile upper is soft, molding to your feet so you can move freely, no matter what position you play on the court. The adidas Bounce Pro midsole is soft and springy, great for making the most of that quick first step, cuts to the basket and sudden changes of direction. The multidirectional pattern on the outsole makes these white basketball shoes ideal for pivoting big or the agile wings who can jump-stop to keep defenders on their toes. Dame's logo nods to his inimitable style of play to give these kicks the ultimate stamp of approval.

You can wear our white basketball shoes to match the rest of your uniform or provide some contrast to round out your on-court look. You can also wear them to hang out with friends when you're out and about or while you kick back at home and watch your favorite TV show. Work on your game at the gym, the rec center or the local park. Match your white basketball footwear with colorful adidas shorts, comfy sweat pants, jeans or leggings. Lace them up before basketball practice, for a game with friends or just to be comfortable around the house. Put them on for a warm day of outdoor ball or a windy day where playing at the local gym is a must. No matter what tomorrow has in store for you, check out our selection of white basketball shoes and show your style on and off the court.

White Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

To get dingy basketball shoes back to like-new white, give them an all-around deep cleaning. Remove the laces and shake them out to dislodge loose dirt and particles. Use a brush to help. Then you can wipe down the outside of the shoe with warm water and mild detergent on a rag. A small amount of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can also help lift stains. Read more about how to clean basketball shoes on our blog.
White basketball shoes get as dirty as any shoes, but the white color makes the dirt more obvious. To prevent this, keep an eye on where and when you wear your white shoes, and clean them regularly with a brush, cloth and warm water using a mild detergent.
To help keep your all-white basketball shoes looking sharp, you can use a dirt-repellent spray coating. Make sure you use a product that works with the upper material of your shoe, whether it's leather, suede or textile. Clean your shoes regularly, with a brush and damp rag, to keep them looking fresh.