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White Clothing & Shoes

From the international soccer fan stylings of a brand new Real Madrid home jersey to the clean, classic profile of a pair of Stan Smith shoes, adidas has the most covetable white clothes and shoes on the planet. The purest of the neutrals, white offers a blank canvas and lets the materials, features and details speak for themselves. Perennial favorites like the Forum, adidas Superstar shoes or the Swift Run lay a solid foundation for everyday style, while performance shoes like the smooth and responsive Ultraboost help drive you to your destination.

adidas White Clothes & Shoes

What does your day have in store? Our white clothes and shoes create infinite possibilities to mix and match your look. Who said you had to choose between comfort and style? When you want something that checks all the boxes, our tops are casual and also have the subtle details that make all the difference. Bringing a sporty style into your everyday look just got that much easier when you choose from our selection of short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees. Layer your look so you can stay on-the-go without needing to go home and change. When you design your schedule to maximize every hour of your day, you need clothes that carry that same energy. Our white apparel is perfect for when you want to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're hitting the gym or the streets, our white clothes and shoes are sure to help you make a statement.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of crisp and clean white shoes. From running classics to casual staples, our collection of shoes and sneakers have got your covered. Running shoes keep you comfortable through every part of your run. Whether you're tackling switchbacks or taking the long way home on your favorite route, Ultraboost gives back the energy you put in. No matter how you choose your path, comfort is key. That's why our running shoes have cushioned midsoles so you stay comfortable with every step. Stop at nothing to achieve your goals. When you're looking for a more casual look, iconic silhouettes like the Samba, Superstar and Stan Smith add clean signature style to any look. Collaborations add a twist to these classic shoes so you can bring a new style to your minimalist apparel. Whether you're going for a monochromatic look or just want to add a pop of white to your outfit, our collection has something for everyone.

You've done it. Checked off the things on your list. Or maybe you're planning to. Our hoodies are there for it all. Whether you're on your way to the gym or to catch up with friends, a clean and classic look is the way to go. From push-ups to planks to a power workout at lunch, we have white tops made for all the ways you move. Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY keeps you feeling dry so you can finish your workout and head into the rest of your day. When you're looking to complete your look, white socks match any patterns you have as part of your outfit. Every day just got a little cozier when you have a pair of our socks to put the finishing touches on your look. Wherever your day decides to take you, you can rest easy knowing you have the right gear to stay comfortable through it all.

No matter what your sport, we have the right gear to get you ready. Our range of clothes, shoes and accessories have everything you need to perform your best. We know that every athlete is different, and that's why we offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Finding your flow is one part what you're doing and one part what you're wearing. Our apparel helps you reach your goals by supporting you through every squat, lunge and leg lift. Our collection of leggings and shorts are made with different cuts so you can stay focused on your workout, not what you're wearing. Whether you're looking for a new pair of sneakers to hit the gym in or a new shirt to wear to your next game, we have you covered. Shop our collection of adidas white clothes and shoes to take everyday up a notch.