Pink Gazelle Gear


adidas Pink Gazelle Shoes

On a list of our most iconic styles, pink Gazelle shoes from adidas go near the top. Our culturally iconic shoe became one of the most significant pieces of apparel inside handball courts and other indoor arenas in the '70s, and it grew from there. Today, the soft suede fabric is still gaining new fans every day. It's a classic look that integrates modern design. Slip into a pair of pink Gazelle shoes that will provide lift-off and help you set your foot down in style. No matter how you look at it, the shoe is always sporty, with buttery-soft suede and the classic serrated 3-Stripes, and a metallic-gold "Gazelle" is the final stamp of our heritage. The rubber outsole keeps your shoes firmly planted on the ground, so when that next game of handball shows up on your schedule, you'll know how to commemorate the moment with the shoe that started it all.

With retro design and modern construction, the adidas Gazelle is a must-have for anyone looking to slip into a classic, stylish and comfortable pair of new shoes. The versatile design makes it suitable for casual outings, athletic activities and all sorts of everything in between. The shoes come in a variety of colors, but we think our pink Gazelle sneakers are hard to top. Look for the triple-stacked rubber outsole, where we put form, function and style all in one. The added layers provide durability, so the sole is more resistant to wear and tear and increases the lifespan of the shoe. You also get more traction, which improves stability and prevents slide. And trust us — those handball games will need it. The layering is also a great cushion for your feet. When the games go long, you'll be grateful for that extra cushioning and support.

Slip into some pink Gazelle footwear with a T-toe overlay and serrated 3-Stripes, and you'll know how to leave an impression that's been decades in the making. These trainers were made to be versatile, so they can go everywhere with you. An outing to the office for a business-casual meeting or a sprint to the grocery to pick up some eggs can all be done in a simple and snappy shoe that's designed to be a regular part of your day. Maybe your schedule also consists of an after-work jog around the neighborhood. Combine a pair of our pink Gazelle tennis shoes with some of our Trefoil jogging pants, and you'll be out on the town in style. The lace closure ensures that you won't have to worry about loose laces, and the rubber outsole helps to give you an easy and smooth running experience in a shoe that's already full of personality.

Show off some of that creativity you've been hiding. With a pair of brand-new pink Gazelles, you have a shoe with a strong heritage and an audacious option when you want to go just about anywhere. Be daring and unafraid to express your unique creative side while you're in the gym. Make them a regular set of trainers for those cardio workouts. From the weight room in the gym to the coffee shop around the corner, the adidas Gazelle fits in everywhere, with a style that stands the test of time. We always knew it was a shoe that has go-with-everything style. Now let us help you complete the look. Try pairing our shoe with our Sprinter shorts for those early morning runs, or slip on a Trefoil Essentials windbreaker for a protective layer. But don't forget to pick up your adidas pink Gazelle shoes today.