Black High Top Shoes

Sleek, bold, edgy. Black high tops from adidas dress up or down with ease, giving you versatile style with just the right amount of confidence and attitude.

adidas Black High Tops

Ideal for every active lifestyle, grab a pair of black high tops from adidas. This line of high top shoes combines vintage athletic fashion and performance-enhancing technology. Whether you're looking for classic black high top shoes to stand out from the crowd, to take your form to the next level, or to give you an edge on the court, we have something for all your needs. Ankle support is important when you're climbing the steep summit or circling your opponent. From the height of your fight to the the peak of a mountain top, find a pair of black high top shoes for a variety of activities from boxing and hiking and everything in between. Find sleek and simple designs that blend comfortably into your daily wardrobe, or go bold with bright color accents. From workout to work flow or a night out to lights outs, a pair of black high tops are the coolest shoes to go strut your stuff. Choose from familiar names like Terrex, Five Ten, Stella McCartney and more. From cleats and boxing shoes to hiking and casual kicks, you can choose the perfect style for all of your workouts.

Enhance your athletic performance with a classic pair of high tops in classic black. Whether it's a pair of sleek black high top basketball shoes ideal for jump shots on the court or a pair of black high top football cleats that provide superior grip and traction on the field, you'll find various options to fit your feet and your form. When you're pivoting and pumping or zig-zagging suddenly to change direction, you'll want to have snug high top support to avoid injuries. High tops lace up past your your ankles for more support in those times of need. Our collection is designed for performance with a comforting and secure fit so your shoes won't slow you down on a touchdown pass or driving to the basket. Depending on your needs, you can find designs with plush adidas Boost or Cloudfoam midsole cushioning and Continental™ Rubber outsoles for outstanding traction. High tops aren't only a traditional look in the game, they are a functional asset for peak performance.

At your next big fight, you don't want to be the one left on the ground. Whether you're a swarmer or an out-boxer, a slugger or a switch-hitter, you'll want the best ankle support to stay light on your feet. Boxing is all about the jabs and hooks, but base-training and footwork is just as essential for staying agile in the ring. From dodging and ducking to power blows and pivoting, your feet and ankles are at the forefront of your fighting form. The right pair of high top boxing shoes allow for more power transfer from your feet to your fists. They prevent sliding on the matt while allowing you to easily pivot so you won't miss a step or an opportunity. The right pair of black high top shoes give you better balance and footwork that will translate into more powerful punches.

Hit the streets back in black with the coolest trends in black high tops. Holding your ankle in place, these shoes have a throwback look that is timelessly laid-back and respected. They complete every look from athletic jock to punk rock. They look great on mom from the yoga studio to after-school pick up. Wear them out on the town with a group of friends on your next big adventure. Or give the kids that extra kick of confidence on the playground with a new pair of high top kicks. For the whole family, find high tops for kids, women and men. Shop adidas black high tops for a look that says athletic and street smart!