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Matching outfits for awkward family photos is out, but cool high top sneakers in various styles and colors for your entire troupe is definitely in. Whether you’re looking for new high top basketball shoes to start your kid’s season out right or are simply inspired to produce an athletic-suave look for this year’s family photo, check out the line-up of ideas to wear high tops for any occasion, for everyone who lives under your roof.

B-ball style all day

Headed to hustle with the ball, or to simply create your own style, adidas high top shoes will elevate your game on and off the court. Basketball high-tops offer extra ankle support for quick pivots and sprints. Try finding a high-top shoe with the ultra-responsive BOOST™ cushioning for players who love to create off the dribble, the more energy they give, the more they receive from BOOST. Off court, play around with street-style looks and check out a variety of the ‘80s inspired iconic high tops updated in tonal leather uppers, snug Primeknit construction, and bold outsole colors.

Fresh skate to street high top sneaks

Clean lines, muted detailing, and that durable outsole defined the heritage look for high top skate shoes with simple needs; flex and board feel. For the skater or minimalist in your family check the range of skate, vintage-inspired silhouettes. Choose from a variety of patterns, colors and textures for a high top that can land on performance but inspires your own stand out street look.

Go from street to chic

The ‘80s dominant court high tops that led transition to street-wear are now transforming once again. Men and women are pairing heritage-style high tops with serious slacks or that fun little black dress for restrained elegance. Try exchanging those dress shoes and heels for high-top shoes made with neutral soft suede, and premium leather uppers for a chic look with comfy cushioning that lasts all night.