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High Top Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

High tops are a key style in the adidas footwear range. Shop D.O.N. Issue #1 and Dame 6 basketball shoes to elevate your game or high top Originals shoes to elevate your look.
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adidas High Tops

Step up your game. Elevate your look. Sports and style intersect, with adidas high tops. Discover basketball shoes that balance durability with dynamic performance. Lightweight, flexible cushioning supports every leap and landing. Color combinations you won't find anywhere else help you stay in the spotlight, on and off the court. Energy-returning tech including adidas Boost and Lightstrike give you the edge when it's time to dodge defenders. And the all-star vibes aren't reserved for the court. Keep then flowing as you explore the city in classic adidas high tops. Springy cushioning and smooth traction let you change direction on a dime, whether you're keeping the other team guessing or simply weaving your way through crowded streets.

When the weather turns chilly but you're not quite ready for winter boots, high top sneakers are your go-to. These versatile kicks work well with all types of winter outfits from dark denim to cozy sweats. Plus the extra coverage at the ankle protects from puddles and frost. Look for insulated and fur-lined high top shoes that offer extra protection in cold conditions. Venturing off-grid? Try walking boots that are light enough for day hikes and technical enough for alpine scrambles. Discover hiking boots with signature tech, like adidas Boost cushioning for a comfortable all-terrain ride. Look for GORE-TEX® to seal out water and mud while letting your feet breathe. Move with confidence from court to curb to countryside in adidas high tops.

High Top Athletic Shoes & Sneakers Frequently Asked Questions

High tops are great walking shoes. They offer a padded collar for cushioning and ankle support. The higher design can also keep you warmer in cold weather, and prevent pebbles and other debris from getting into your shoes as you walk. And high top slip-on sneakers are popular for quick and easy on-and-off comfort.
High top running shoes provide ankle support and stability for runners who are concerned about ankle injuries. They're also great for trail running, since uneven surfaces and trail debris add challenges to running. They're generally less popular than low-cut running shoes, though, since low tops are lighter weight.
High top sneakers are great for support, stability and cushioned comfort around the ankles. They're great for sports like basketball, where quick pivots can be hard on ankles, or trail hiking, where you might slip up on uneven surfaces. Some skateboarders like them for protection and abrasion resistance. Of course, high top tennis shoes also offer a classic streetwear style for everyday wear.