Basketball Shirts

Get out on the court and do your thing in adidas r basketball shirts. Featuring shirts inspired by James Harden, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell and Derrick Rose, find the right t-shirts for all of your practices and days off. Pair with Men's Basketball shorts to complete your look.

adidas Basketball T-Shirts

Play comfortably while you look the part. Try on one of our adidas basketball T-shirts and work on your game, whether you're putting in heavy hours at the gym or playing with your friends at a local park. Basketball is a sport known to push the envelope when it comes to style. You can look for minimalistic basketball shirts or ones that show off the style of your favorite player. Notable stars like Damian Lillard, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, James Harden and Derrick Rose have signature basketball tops you can rock, no matter where the day takes you.

Basketball T-shirts with AEROREADY help keep you dry and comfortable, whether you're balling out on the court or kicking back with friends while you watch the game. Show your lighter side with a basketball graphic tee. Graphics from adidas basketball character Lil Stripe bring a new layer of fun, with lighthearted nods to hoops culture. If you're into college basketball, grab one of our NCAA tees and show your school pride with the colors of your alma mater and graphics to demonstrate your passion for the game. Check out our selection of adidas basketball T-shirts, and get yours before the buzzer sounds.

Basketball Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

Some basketball players wear a compression shirt under their jerseys. Compression shirts provide muscle support, improve circulation and help regulate temperature. They can also manage sweat to keep the players cool and dry. Fitted basketball t-shirts made with adidas AEROREADY technology are popular for this reason.
On the court, NBA players wear team jerseys, sometimes with a compression shirt underneath. Under their warm-up jackets, players also may wear loose-fitting basketball shirts. These are often long-sleeved, with button fronts so they're easy to remove when it's game time.
Some NBA players opt to wear compression shirts under their jerseys for muscle stability and temperature regulation. The fabric fits extra close to the body to support movement and improve circulation. NBA t-shirts with compression may be made with sweat-wicking material.