Basketball Socks

Shoes get all the attention, but it's your basketball socks that keep you in the game. adidas socks provide play-ready cushioning and arch support on the court.

adidas Basketball Socks

You already have a perfect pair of sneakers, but if you don't have the right pair of basketball socks, you won't get the most out of your kicks and your talent. It's easy to overlook the impact of socks on your game, but if they're not performing for you, your performance will suffer. Nobody wants squishy, sweaty, heavy and hot feet during crunch time. The wrong pair of socks will slow you down when you need to play at your sharpest, and they'll make your feet feel like blocks of cement. With high-performance basketball socks by adidas, you can step into a new era of feeling light on your feet and never look back.

Whatever your length and color preference, adidas has you covered. Go with basketball crew socks for a classic look and feel, or opt for short basketball socks to streamline your support. Whichever you choose, adidas basketball socks have reinforced heels, targeted arch compression for stability and cushioned footbeds for support. Built-in Traxion also provides outstanding grip to help prevent slipping, so you can stay on your feet and put your sneakers to the test. Shop basketball socks from adidas, and stock up on the essentials.