Men's Basketball Socks

Look for basketball socks with sweat-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry, so you can stay focused on the court. Shop all basketball gear--shorts, shoes, and more at adidas.

adidas Men's Basketball Socks

Every real baller knows you can't forget about finding the perfect pair of men's basketball socks. Your hoops uniform isn't just limited to your sneakers, shorts and tees. Without a clutch pair of men's sport socks for taking the court, your entire look and play can fade down the stretch and keep you from performing at your best. You need to be as comfortable as possible out there so you can play distraction-free ball, and with our range of men's sport socks, there's a pair for every player out there. You can go old-school by rocking long socks, or go with what today's pros pull on every night with a quarter-length fit that's seen in arenas all around the world. For a different look and feel, you can also embrace a streamlined style with short basketball socks that seamlessly pair with your sneaker rotation on high-performance game days and casual off days. It's all up to how you're feeling and the type of game you play when the competition heats up.

Whichever length you rock, adidas men's basketball socks are made with breathable materials that create just the right fit and feel for your feet. They're snug but not too snug, so you'll feel secure, cushioned and ready to lace up your sneakers for tip-off. Designed to manage moisture so your feet don't get overheated, sweaty and weighed down, you'll feel dry, cool and light on your toes as you hustle up and down the hardwood, blacktop or wherever your hoop dreams take you in adidas men's athletic socks. Explore adidas men's basketball socks, and elevate your comfort on and off the court.

Men's Basketball Socks Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball socks are usually crew length — they cover the ankle and sit below the calf muscle. (adidas basketball socks are intentionally made a bit lower than crew socks for other sports so they’re easy to wear with tights.) Crew socks aren’t the only option, though. Some players like the feeling of free movement they get from a mid-cut sock that just covers the ankle. Low and no-show styles sit inside your shoes. Some players still prefer an old-school over-the-calf sock for muscle support during fast games. But long socks for basketball are now largely out of style.
When you decide which socks to wear to play basketball, look for breathable, moisture-wicking materials, plus cushioning on the ankle and Achilles. Compression on the ankle and arch provides a little extra support for fast cuts and also helps keep the socks from sliding around in your shoes. The best basketball socks are made with breathable, moisture-wicking materials and are designed with an anatomical fit — not unshaped like tube socks.
Basketball socks are a little different from socks designed for running, training and other sports. Socks made for basketball typically have cushioning on the ankle and Achilles. Socks for other sports might cushion the heel or the whole footbed. Socks for basketball also often have added compression on the ankle and arch to support the feet during the game’s fast cuts and lateral movements. adidas basketball socks like the Creator 365 even put polypropylene at the heel and toe to repel moisture and help prevent blisters.