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Men's Basketball Tank Tops

Enjoy the flexibility to pass, shoot and dribble in adidas men’s basketball tanks. Show off your skills in breathable fabric. Pull up for three or drive to the hoop in men’s basketball tank tops.

adidas Men's Basketball Tank Tops

Take the court in style in one of our men's basketball tank tops. Whether you need to throw on something lightweight to combat the heat or want to maximize mobility to let your game show through, adidas has a wide range of styles, patterns and colors to express yourself while you hoop. The Legends tank top has a simple ideal—when you're thinking about knocking down the big buckets, you need to be comfortable from the moment you touch the ball. Men's basketball tops–like the Legends tank top–have AEROREADY technology to help manage moisture, all game long. The round neck and wide armholes give you the room needed to fully extend and follow through on every jumper.

If your focus is style, then try on one of our men's sleeveless shirts. They serve the same purpose as the tank tops, giving you a lightweight layer you can rock, on and off the court. This one is made with soft cotton single jersey to keep you comfortable while you go out during a warm day, work on your hoop game or watch the ball game on TV with a few friends. These men's basketball tank tops are made to feel smooth and have enough stretch so you can limit distractions while you work on your jumper, practice your footwork or test your mettle against the the competition. The best thing? You can rock these off the court without feeling out of place. Wear one to a family barbecue, to meet a friend for coffee or make it that trusty tank top you can throw on for your morning workout–the opportunities are endless.

But what would basketball be if you can't rep the best of the best? Our signature athletes have their own collection of men's basketball tanks so you can rock them proudly. Breeze past your defender like Trae Young while wearing one of his men's basketball tank tops, soar over the opposition like Donovan Mitchell with a Spida tee or pull up a dime and let it fly from deep like Damian Lillard while wearing a Dame sleeveless shirt. Stars like James Harden, Derrick Rose, Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas also have basketball their own men's basketball tank tops so you can show you're a true fan of the game. Take your defender one-on-one like The Beard, show you have that pep in your step like Rose or show you're a shooter that can get hot in the blink of an eye, just like Gil. Each design is unique and eye-catching, so you can rep your favorite player proudly.

People wear men's basketball tank tops for lots of reasons. It could be the freedom to move your arms or the versatility of being able to wear it for a workout, a cookout or to chill around friends and loved ones. If you're a committed hooper, then having a good tank top is imperative. Not only is it soft and lightweight, but it lets you move around without having to adjust your sleeves after you hoist up a shot or snatch a rebound from the glass. You can go the minimalist route or rock a vibrant design that shows where your allegiance lies. They also come in handy to wear under a jacket, a hoodie or a sweatshirt for those days when the weather plays tricks, so you're always ready for anything the day has in store for you. So what are you waiting for? Browse all the different colors, patterns and designs of men's basketball tank tops and make a statement, on and off the court.

Men's Basketball Tank Tops Frequently Asked Questions

NBA players wear tank tops for unrestricted arm and shoulder movement. The sport demands a lot of the arms and upper body — dribbling, passing and shooting — so it's crucial to keep the arms free to move in any direction at any time. Plus, basketball tank tops allow airflow and ventilation.
A tank top is a sleeveless shirt made for sport performance, comfort or style. Basketball tank tops are usually made with a compression fit and a breathable mesh fabric, with moisture-managing technology like adidas AEROREADY to keep you cool and dry on the court.
Basketball tank tops aren't meant to be baggy. For the best performance, compression basketball tank tops are preferred because they minimize distractions and give the arms their maximum range of motion for shooting, passing and dribbling. Tank tops with a relaxed fit are more suitable for pre- and post-game warm-ups and cool-downs and for watching from the stands.