Basketball Tank Tops

Show you're a true hooper with basketball tank tops from adidas. Whether you're into simple or eye-catching designs, there's a tank top waiting for you.

adidas Basketball Tank Tops

Every day, on courts around the world, hoopers show up in basketball tank tops from adidas, and they come ready to play. But they're not just for running pick-and-rolls and powering through the lane. Tank tops have long been a staple of street fashion. Easy to wear and prized for their expressive designs, basketball tank tops from adidas are straight-up comfortable. They're light and breathable, with no sleeves to cramp your style. Whether you pair them with shorts, joggers or jeans, you get the benefit of their supreme versatility and anytime wearability. And don't think you need to be a hooper to wear them. Our tank tops are for everybody.

On the other side of the sportswear spectrum, basketball tank tops from adidas have long been made for on-court play, and we're still at the top of our game. From authentic fan wear jerseys to a whole range of slim or loose sleeveless silhouettes, tank tops from adidas are unstoppable on the court. Our basketball tank tops dominate in the paint and are lethal from the perimeter. Count on their breathable, lightweight fabric and the moisture-absorbing power of AEROREADY to help keep you dry, comfortable and laser-focused on the play. Don't wait to get into the game. Explore the selection of basketball tank tops from adidas today.