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adizero: Light Makes Fast

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adizero: Celebrating 10 years as the Lightest Cleat in Football

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How fast is too fast? Whoever is across from you at the line of scrimmage is about to find out. adizero football gear is built with the understanding that speed changes games.


From pass rushing to taking screens all the way to the house, a quick step creates big opportunities. Find these adidas football cleats in clean white and classic black, reflective silver and spray-can camo, all constructed with ultralight Sprintskin uppers so you can torch cornerbacks or shut down receivers for four straight quarters. Mid-cut adizero cleats offer extra support to linemen on both sides of the ball. Low-cut adizeros allow freedom of movement that complements the Sprintframe plate’s enhanced traction so you can cut and go. Choose your style, speed up fast and get that W.


When it comes to football, being halfway committed won’t get you far. In 1936, adidas founder Adi Dassler arrived at the Summer Olympics in Germany with a new contribution to the world of sport—removable spikes. Dassler persuaded American track star Jesse Owens to compete in the spikes, and he captured four gold medals on the world’s biggest stage. Owens’ historic performance made the broader athletics community take note, placing adidas at the forefront of game-changing gear built for champions. adidas made a move from the ground up, evolving beyond spikes to cleats suited for the gridiron. Today we keep our eyes on the end zone, incorporating groundbreaking technologies and innovative materials that blend fit and function, comfort and charisma, for football cleats crafted to help you go all out on the field.