Running Race Shoes

Whether it's your first 5K or your goal is to break the tape, feel confident and ready to go in race running shoes from adidas.
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adidas Racing Running Shoes

After months of preparation and training, race day is finally here. Lace up adidas racing running shoes, and you'll be set for your greatest run yet. There's no single best racing shoe. Just as there are different types of runners — with unique goals, strengths and personal preferences — there are different types of racing running sneakers that can handle the job. The best pair is the one that feels most comfortable to you. For speed-minded athletes who like a minimalist feel, streamlined racing flats are a popular choice. With less weight, they allow for increased turnover and faster race times. They also have less cushioning, so they may not be the best option for runners recovering from injury. If going fast is the goal, check out adizero, our elite footwear franchise for race day. adizero running shoes focus on lightness and speed, and they incorporate our most innovative technologies like ultra-light Celermesh and resilient Lightstrike Pro. If you like a propulsive feel from your racing running shoes, pick a pair with a carbon plate. Carbon-plated running shoes help reduce fatigue in the legs thanks to a higher amount of energy return. Runners love to wear them for PR attempts because the springy carbon plate makes them feel fast. adidas uses carbon-infused ENERGYRODS to limit energy loss, and we also feature glass-infused ENERGYRODS for a natural ride that supports the runner in everyday training.

Not all runners are chasing a world record. Many people sign up for a race for the mental challenge, the social aspect or simply the joy of movement. These runners may prefer toeing the starting line in the same type of shoes that they train in. Everyday running shoes can be a solid option to see you through your first 5K or latest marathon because the thicker outsole and ample cushioning feel comfortable (and familiar) across the miles. They're also a great choice if conditions are less than ideal. adidas designed the Supernova and Supernova+ for beginner runners preparing for their first race. These running shoes will take you from training to race day. No matter if you're after speed, distance or a fun day outside, we've got a running shoe that will keep you comfortable till the finish line. Browse our collection of racing running shoes to pick up your perfect pair.