Kids' Back To School T-Shirts

Run, jump and play with everything you got. Kids' back-to-school t-shirts provide sporty looks for the gym, playground, classroom and beyond.

adidas Kids' Back To School T-Shirts

Summer might be over, but the weather is still warm — and finding the right kids' back-to-school T-shirts is crucial for their comfort as the year gets underway. Look for kids' tees made from soft, breathable materials to ensure that your child is comfortable throughout the school day. Cotton is a great choice because it washes well and moves with your child, whether they're on the playground, learning new lessons in class or engaging in a variety of after-school activities. Another nice thing about kids' back-to-school tops at adidas is they're available in a variety of fits. Choose oversized or loose for a relaxed look, or go with a regular fit for a more traditional vibe.

Kids can be rough on their clothes, so look for kids' back-to-school shirts made with quality stitching and durable fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of an active school day. You'll also want to opt for kids' T-shirts that can be easily paired with different types of bottoms, like jeans, leggings or skirts. This will maximize their versatility so your child can wear them with different outfits. Prepare for a year of style and good times with kids' back-to-school T-shirts that make it happen.