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You probably don’t have just one hoodie. Nor should you be limited to one soccer jacket for every purpose. Soccer jackets are a classic silhouette that never goes out of style. We carry a variety of soccer windbreakers, soccer winter jackets and replica team jackets for all your soccer gear needs. If you’re simply looking to elevate a wardrobe, show support for a favorite club, or want a specific soccer warm up jacket with performance features that support unstoppable moves, check out our suggestions to find training jackets to enhance creators and sport style year-round.


There’s a story behind every club, every team. There’s pride and a connection behind representing that story. Not only will you look good in the clean, modern lines of your club or team soccer jacket, but feel the pride when you connect with those who share the same passion for the team.


Your story, how you create, is influenced by the tools at your disposal. When you’re headed to warm-ups on the pitch to stretch your body and move into drills, to be more precise, to tighten up that footwork and break through a barrier means getting into a highly concentrated zone. Keep distractions like sweat, unbalanced body temperature, and uncomfortable soccer gear minimized. Bring a soccer training jacket, with sweat-removing climalite® fabric to help your body warm up as you stretch while wicking sweat away as you produce. Choose a soccer training jacket that aligns in style with your soccer uniform or soccer warm-ups, or try out a contrasting color to disrupt your look. Easily shed and stow away your lightweight soccer jacket as training evolves and you enter the creator-zone.


The versatility of soccer jackets is endless. With so many styles, colors, and purposes to choose from, it makes sense for everyone in the family to have more than one. Soccer jackets are an elevated look from hoodies, sweatshirts, or team jerseys. Get a specific type for the entire crew to show that you belong together, or encourage individuality and pick up different colors or personal affiliations with teams. The lightweight soccer jacket is the go-to layer in moderate temperatures, any time of day, in every season. Take one training jacket to the field and another style for travel, or meetings. Whatever the purpose, you’ll show up in athletic-style built to boost your creative focus or represent a bit of your personality.