Trail Running Jackets

The forecast calls for adventure — zip-up for the outdoors with comfortable, water-repellent trail running jackets and weather the elements with ease.

adidas Trail Running Jackets

Never wait on the weather with adidas trail running jackets. Exploring the world of trails can be heavily impacted by the conditions of the day. That's why it's essential to always be prepared when heading out the door to explore. Your time on the trails is vital, and not having the right clothing can mean days of fun and adventure turn to misery in the cold and wet. Our jackets will make sure you've always got one up on the clouds, giving you protection when you need it without bulk.

WIND.RDY jackets repel gusts and light rain so you can keep your muscles warm and ready for every step. The stretchy fabrics we use mean you can move as freely as you would without a jacket on. And with less weight, you can explore the depths of valleys and heights of mountains with no restrictions. adidas trail running jackets and coats will keep you in your flow no matter the weather. When the sun comes out, they're small enough to pack away into a pocket until you next need them. So get out there, enjoy the world on two feet, get exploring and be ready for every adventure with adidas trail running jackets.