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Running Bags

Keep your essential items secure as you put in miles with adidas running bags. From arm bands to waist bags, zippered pockets hold your gear while clips and hook and loop straps fix the bag in place.

adidas Running Bags

The beauty of running is how everything seems to fade away when you find the rhythm. It's just you, the fresh air and, of course, a few essentials tucked away into an adidas running bag. Whether you run on trails or pavement, a handful of miles or many, every runner faces the same dilemma — where do they put their essential items? Your phone, gels and keys need to come along on the run, and no one wants to run with stuff in their hands. Whether you prefer a fanny pack or pocket bag, adidas running bags give you storage for your running essentials for distraction-free comfort. Made to fit your body without flapping around or rubbing against your skin, these accessories are a must-have when you have small items you don't want to leave at home. There's no need to go without the gear that makes your run more enjoyable. With adidas running bags, there's no sacrifice and no discomfort.

When you want to check the map on your phone or fuel up with an energy gel, everything you need is close at hand. Running belts from adidas ensure your must-have items are near. Multiple zip pockets let you stay organized on the go. You'll even find clips for your house key and dedicated pockets for your cards. Choose the size that best suits your needs. On quick runs, compact running waist bags will do the trick. If you're headed out for an epic loop, opt for running fanny packs with plenty of room to hold your phone, earbuds, cards, gels or a water flask. Whichever size you choose, ease of access is built in. There's no need to slow your roll to reach what you want. From zips to clips, running belt features make it easy to get what you need while you're in motion. The best part? There's no bouncing or discomfort.

Through long strides and uphill climbs, adidas running bags lay flat against your body and stay in place. This comes down to their sleek, body-hugging build, plus stretchy materials. Adjustable elastic waistbands let you achieve a just-right fit, whether it's a waistband or arm band that you prefer to stow your essentials. Pull your running bag snug, and it will stay where you want it while you're in motion. Over shadeless stretches and long afternoon miles, fabrics that minimize discomfort become key. Breathable and moisture-wicking designs ensure comfort over the long haul. Ultra-lightweight designs make sure there's nothing holding you back from achieving your goals. If you're still running when the sun dips below the horizon, reflective details light up bright. And if your energy begins to fade as the miles rack up, you'll be grateful you came prepared. With just a zip, you'll have access to the energy you need.

With secure storage and comfortable builds, adidas running belts and waist bags are essential for every serious runner. Whether you're building consistency, pushing for a new distance goal or training to PB on race day, take the next step in your running journey by adding a running bag to your kit. Do something nice for yourself, and bring along what you need while you run. Grab your earbuds and cue up a running playlist. Pull out a gel and fuel your efforts with energy. Take every advantage to make your run more enjoyable by bringing along the items that will make your run feel smoother. With breathable, stretchy and no-bounce designs, there's no reason to leave your running belt at home. Bring along your must-haves without sacrificing your comfort. Pack light. Feel prepared. Get ready to run. Shop adidas running bags today.

Running Bags Frequently Asked Questions

Runners' bags keep your essentials close without encumbering your run. The best bags are compact, with an adjustable strap so you can keep the bag tight against your body for zero distractions. Waist (or fanny) packs are popular, as are crossbody bags, sackpacks and hydration packs. Pack your gels, water, keys and first aid kits and hit the road.
You can definitely wear a backpack while running — but make sure you get a running pack so it doesn't weigh you down. Traditional backpacks can be bulky and distracting when you just want to pack along your essentials. Running bags wear close to the body to minimize their bulk.
If you run in a top and shorts without pockets, a small running bag is a great option for carrying keys and other small valuables. Bags for running are also helpful when you want to pack a few extra items, like your water bottle, first aid kit or a snack. They can also keep your phone or earbuds tucked away.