Outdoor Hiking Jackets

There’s no weather too rough when your winter hiking jacket has all the trimmings to keep you warm. Browse adidas for outdoor jackets with sealed seams, premium insulation and RAIN.RDY technology.

adidas Outdoor Hiking Jackets

The possibilities are endless when you're protected from the elements in outdoor hiking jackets from adidas. Grab all the essentials — first aid kit, water bottle, snacks, maps — and don a hiking coat designed to keep you going for miles and miles. From temperature-balanced insulation to sealed seams and all the minute details, you'll be geared up and ready for anything in adidas outerwear. So plan the backpacking trip, schedule that 10k trail run and tune up your mountain bike. There's no match for the natural world, and you're ready to take it head-on because you know the view is worth the climb.

Whether you're hiking on the coast or above the tree line, you're scanning the sky for sudden changes. If the weather does turn, you're ready for it — pull out lightweight, packable RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX rainwear and stay dry despite the downpour with waterproof protection. Fleece and down jackets offer the perfect outer layer for chilly mornings and winter outings. Zippered pockets, snap closures and drawcord hoods offer added warmth and security when the wind picks up speed. Once the skies clear, pack it away — outdoor hiking jackets are compact and easily packable, leaving more room for stowing away waterproof hiking shoes and other gear when the sun peeks out.

Outdoor Hiking Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

A good jacket to wear while hiking is packable, lightweight and water- or wind-proof. Your body will warm up with exercise, but changing weather and elevation can cool you off quickly, so it’s essential that your jacket can be stored and retrieved easily. Hiking jackets made with adidas RAIN.RDY or GORE-TEX will keep you dry. adidas WIND.RDY will repel wind and light showers.
Hiking jackets are designed for overlapping purposes, such as wind, rain and packability. For staying dry in wet conditions, look for waterproof features such as adidas RAIN.RDY or GORE-TEX. If the wind is a bigger concern, adidas WIND.RDY repels wind and light showers. Most jackets have a full-length zip, while an anorak jacket is a half-zip with a pullover design.
Choose a jacket that matches the weather where you’ll be hiking. If it’s cold out, an insulated puffer jacket helps keep warmth in. If it’s raining, look for waterproof features like sealed seams, adidas RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX. Weather conditions can change quickly, so a lightweight, packable jacket is great for quick on-and-off layering. Read more about choosing hiking jackets and other gear on our blog.