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Adizero Running Shoes


Built with ultra-light materials, our adizero running shoes & track spikes are made for your fastest runs yet. Responsive cushioning keeps you moving throughout your run, no matter the distance.

When only speed matters, choose Adizero running shoes

If you're looking to break the tape on race day, you'll need gear that keeps you feeling light on your feet. adizero running shoes help you achieve your fastest race times and quickest training runs. Whether you run on the road or the track, adizero running sneakers give competitive runners every advantage from start to finish. Choose from lightweight racing flats like the adizero Takumi Sen or adizero PR, both built for record-breaking speed on the road or track. Go for the adizero Boston if you want a race-day feel in training, and opt for the adizero Prime X if you're partial to long running sessions of up to 50K. For runners who pronate, our adizero running tennies include stability shoes like the Tempo, which offers a mix of speed and stability. And if you're simply looking for the pinnacle of adizero running footwear, check out the Adios Pro 2. It's tuned for record-breaking speed in training and long-distance racing. No matter where or how far you run, adizero running tennis shoes will keep you feeling your fastest.

The adizero franchise is designed with the most innovative adidas technologies, from ultra-light Celermesh to responsive Lightstrike Pro cushioning to carbon-infused ENERGYRODS that limit energy loss. The shoes are designed for a lightweight feel, so nothing holds you back. Shop our selection of adizero running shoes for speed, whenever and wherever you run.

Adizero Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas doesn’t currently make a zero-drop running shoe, but it does make some racing flats with a low midsole drop (7 mm or less). These include some shoes in the Adizero family, the brand’s performance racing line. The adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3, for example, has a drop of 6.5 mm. The Adistar family of shoes, for long runs, has a drop of 6 mm. (For wrestlers, adidas makes a zero-drop shoe called The Total.) If you’re looking for help in choosing your next running shoe, check out our blog.
The adidas Adizero Pro includes a carbon plate for a propulsive feel. The Adizero racing line is always evolving, and other shoes in the family use carbon-infusedEnergyrods instead of a carbon plate. The rods are placed from the toe through the midfoot. Each one conforms to the foot at every touchdown, providing flexibility and stiffness that creates a responsive feel. You can read more about the Adizero running line on our blog.
How long your pair of adidas Adizero Adios Pro shoes will last depends on your gait, running conditions and your own preference. A lower estimate of the Adios Pro lifespan is 300 miles, and an upper estimate is 750 miles, leaving an average mileage of 400, or roughly four to six months. At that point the EVA foam and the forefoot outsole might start wearing away, meaning less cushioning and traction for your run.