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White · Baseball · Cleats

Stand out on the mound, in the outfield and running the bases in adidas white baseball cleats. Cleats or rubber outsoles provide traction, while supportive uppers can handle every slide into home.

adidas White Baseball Cleats

If you're wanting a clean look to rock on the field, look no further than our white baseball cleats. Whether you're stepping into the batting cage to work on your swing, at practice to work on your skills or playing in a big game, our all-white baseball cleats let you move freely and make big-time plays to lead your team to a win. adidas has all-white designs as well as cleats with white as their core color but with colored accents. You can match your all-white baseball cleats with an all-white uniform or splash a little color with red, blue or gold pops to add a touch of elegance.

White baseball cleats like the adizero Afterburner are made for the athlete who uses speed as their main weapon. Whether you're legging those long singles into doubles or catching the defense napping for a stolen base, when there are 90 feet between you and glory, there's no room for a second of hesitation. Whether you plan to steal second or take the wide turn for extra bases, these white baseball cleats have that superlight feel to let you run free. A LIGHTLOCK upper and hook-and-loop strap secure your feet, while the Lightstrike midsole cushions upon impact. Now you can make that highlight-reel catch or turn on the jets to give your team the edge. These cleats are perfect for the player who wants to make the most of their potential. Unleash your speed on the base paths, or steal runs on the outfield by getting a responsive jump and tracking down the ball anywhere in your vicinity.

Obviously, there's more to dynamic movement than pure speed. White turf shoes like the Icon keep you fast while giving you the stability you need to increase power. Step into the box and swing like you mean it. The upper is tailored to feel like a natural extension of the foot, with a molded sockliner and extra lockdown at the heel. Lightstrike offers superlight cushioning for dynamic movement without weighing you down, so you can make plays with your feet as well as your bat. The adidas Icon Boost takes it up another notch. It features a full adidas Boost midsole that returns energy with every step, so when there's 90 feet between you and home, there's no hesitation to go for it to score the winning run. These all-white baseball cleats are a favorite for heavy hitters, letting you combine speed and power to impact the game. They're made with a soft textile upper and energized cushioning, so you stay comfortable through nine innings and beyond. The metal cleated outsole lets you dig in on grass or dirt.

Getting the right pair of white baseball cleats is of paramount importance. It's not enough to just look good on the field — your play has to back it up pitch after pitch. Responsive baseball cleats like the adizero and the Icon do exactly that for you. In short, the adizero is the lightest cleat around — it's made with the lightest materials while still supporting and cushioning every step for a seamless feel. The Icon combines a lightweight feel with a sturdy feel, so you feel confident planting your foot and swinging for the fences. It's a favorite of corner infielders and power batters who need that extra bit of heft to feel confident and produce at the plate. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the different designs, and pick out a pair of white baseball cleats to make a statement on the field, from the first pitch till the last out.