Long-Distance Running Shoes

Every day feels like race day in long-distance running shoes from adidas. Performance cushioning and optimal support help you go the distance.


Let us help you find the perfect running shoes - use our guide to get the right pair for you and your activity.

adidas Long Distance Running Shoes

Adding mileage takes day in, day out dedication. Long distance running shoes from adidas are your trusted partner as you build strength, speed and endurance. Distance running shoes from adidas come equipped with performance technologies that provide cushioning and support, whether there's a marathon or ultra on your calendar or you're running for fun and fitness. Lightstrike Pro is our most resilient foam and helps maintain energy long term. Cushioned running shoes made for a race-day feel have a dynamic hybrid midsole that combines Lightstrike Pro with the lightweight feel of Lightstrike. Shoes with a REPETITOR+ midsole combine two types of EVA, lightweight REPETITOR for an energetic feel and firmer REPETITOR+ that cradles the heel. Rocker geometry creates forward momentum for a little extra push.

Running shoes designed for stability help support overpronation with a Stable Frame that guides the foot through the gait cycle. Hit the road in any kind of weather with long-distance running sneakers designed to handle the conditions. Like running with your own personal fan, shoes made with HEAT.RDY add ventilation for a cooling sensation. When icy puddles dot your running path, shoes made with COLD.RDY help keep feet dry and warm. At any distance and in any season, you'll find the running shoes you need when you shop adidas.

Long-Distance Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Distance runners wear shoes that are specifically made to support long-distance running and hold up to the wear and tear it brings. Running shoes for long distance are made with advanced cushioning for support and energy return and textured rubber outsoles for grip in a variety of conditions. The adidas adistar, adizero adios Pro and Supernova+ are all excellent choices for long-distance running and marathon training. Your distance running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles to ensure they continue to support you properly.
Distance running shoes need to remain supportive and comfortable for long stretches of time, while being able to adapt to changing terrain. They also need to help mitigate the injury risks that come with distance running, like foot swelling or the risk of tripping. All that, and they need to feel weightless. No big deal, right? adidas technologies like REPETITOR+ foam and hybrid adidas Boost and adidas Bounce midsole cushioning help you go the extra mile. A Continental™ Rubber outsole gives you excellent traction on any surface. Read more about choosing distance running shoes on our blog.
Running shoes for short distances are lightweight to support explosive speed, whereas long-distance running shoes are made with more cushioning to support hours of running and hold up to wear and tear. The shortest-distance running shoes are made for sprinting, with thin midsoles and outsole spikes, and shouldn't be worn for medium or long distances. Read more about choosing running shoes on our blog.