Marathon Shoes

Get long-distance running shoes to harness your all-terrain drive — push the pace with training sneakers for half and full marathons, built with focused cushioning to support feet on the move.
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adidas Long-Distance Running Shoes

The more miles there are, the more excited you get and adidas long-distance running shoes are made to match that vibe. Settle into your stride with comfortable support for the road ahead. Lightweight uppers are breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable. You need the best cushioning possible when pounding the pavement for so long, especially in your marathon running shoes. adidas Boost cushioning returns energy to your stride so the more you give, the more you get back. Lightstrike cushioning delivers a snappy feel without adding a lot of weight. Rubber outsoles provide secure traction over hills and flat roads. Long-distance runs don’t mean you have to stay in town. Go off road in Terrex trail running shoes that offer the same great cushioning with tough traction for uneven terrain. adizero running shoes minimize weight so you’re light on your feet. Browse all long-distance and marathon running shoes at adidas to lace up in lasting comfort from the first step to mile 26 and beyond.

Marathon Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

You shouldn't run a marathon in the same pair of shoes you've been training in for months. Once you have a shoe you love, we recommend getting a second pair and breaking it in with at least 10 miles before race day. This will eliminate surprises and make sure you're supported and comfortable for all 26.2 miles. Great adidas shoes for a marathon include the lightweight adizero adios, the adizero Boston and the rocker-shaped adistar. Check out our everyday running shoes as well as shoes for racing.
The best way to choose your shoes for a marathon is to try different pairs while you train. Once you find a pair you like, buy an additional pair to break in (at least 10 miles) shortly before the big race. Learn more about marathon running gear on our blog.
Shoes for a marathon should be lightweight and supportive enough to support you for the full 26.2. The premier adidas marathon running shoe is the adizero adios Pro. Its carbon-infused ENERGYRODS provide lightweight stiffness for a snappy, efficient stride. Other great long-distance running shoes include the adizero Boston and the adistar. For training, the Supernova+ is great for everyday training during the months leading up to your race. Learn more about our long-distance running shoes on our blog.