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Green Running Shoes

Bring a fresh look to every stride in adidas green running shoes. Nature-inspired shades merge with styles designed to be comfortable, mile after mile.

adidas Green Running Shoes

Take your training and racing to the next level in green running shoes from adidas. Step up to the start line and achieve a personal best in running footwear designed for performance. Our selection of mid- to long-distance running shoes bring race-day quality to your training. Styles that have a propulsive feel from ENERGYRODS limit energy loss underfoot, so you can run faster for longer with less fatigue. Whether you're tackling the marathon or toeing off at a local 5K, shoes made with ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushioning make every step comfortable and effortless. Fly through your workouts and push your speed in green jogging shoes made for fast daily training. Whether you're stacking up the miles or adding intensity through speedy mile repeats, you'll appreciate styles that are lightweight. Whatever pace you set, you'll be sure to stick with it all the way to the finish.

Take your mark on your starting blocks, and see what you can accomplish on the track. Performance-driven spikes designed for mid-distance races let you chase down a new record in every event, from the 400m to the 10K. Slip on one of our track spikes and push to the front of the pack. Our selection of green running footwear designed for the track features flexible uppers that move with your foot. Styles made with responsive cushioning push you onto your toes so you're ready to sprint. Choose the shoe that's built for your distance. Green running shoes made for the 5K and 10K feature a snappier ride and higher traction, so you can round the curves and push the pace on the straightaways. For shorter distances, feel confident at the starting blocks with our selection of shoes designed for record-breaking sprints. Whatever your distance, ultra-lightweight adidas spikes made with ventilated mesh give you a secure, locked-down fit. Whether steeplechase or the 100m dash, feel ready to go fast.

Get an edge on the trails and explore the mountains you love in green running sneakers. Lightweight, comfortable styles let you transition from the pavement to your favorite singletrack with ease. For navigating rocky terrain, choose from our selection of shoes with built-in rock protection and added cushioning. For everything from jogging down a wooded path to ascending a steep switchback, our trail running shoes are packed with innovations to help you perform at your best. Run with ample cushioning underfoot for comfort over mountainous terrain, and feel confident when the trail turns technical. When the rain and wet weather get in the way, shoes made with GORE-TEX keep your feet dry as you navigate slick rocks and wet roots. Move swiftly over rugged trails in green jogging sneakers featuring lug Continental™ Rubber outsoles that offer extraordinary grip. Go ahead and set your sights on your highest peak yet.

Whether you're hitting the gym for an afternoon treadmill session or picking up takeout, sometimes you need a shoe that transitions from exercise to everyday life. Comfort-driven green running sneakers make it easy to get in a quick jog after work and stop on your way home at the store. Featuring a smooth ride, styles made with 3D printing technology guide your stride for a more fluid feel while you walk or run. Shoes made with adidas PRIMEKNIT uppers offer a snug, foot-hugging fit that enhances movement. And for those looking for a little extra style, our shoes come in a variety of eye-catching hues. From mint to lime to olive, there's a color to suit your personal look. Slip on a pair for walking around the neighborhood or grabbing a coffee. Discover green running shoes from adidas, and run or race on the surface that speaks to you.