Black Ozweego Shoes

Look great in black OZWEEGO clothes and shoes. It's the color that goes with everything, so shop the collection and find your next best look from the feet up.

adidas Black Ozweego Clothes & Shoes

One foot in the '90s and one foot heading straight toward the future. When you want to blend retro style with futuristic flair, reach for black OZWEEGO clothes and shoes from adidas. You'll be serving Y2K boldness while having the versatility of a color that never goes out of style. Choose from color-accented black OZWEEGO sneakers to stealth triple-black designs. With all-black kicks, a toned-down colorway allows the OZWEEGO's iconic shape to take the spotlight. Fluid lines and a bold build are what it's all about. Inspired by late-90s running footwear, OZWEEGO shoes balance nostalgia with hyper-modern style. Take a peek at black OZWEEGO clothes and shoes for style that connects the history and future of fashion.

The original OZWEEGO sneakers were first released in 1996 as lightweight running shoes made for training and competition. This selection of footwear captures two of the franchise's key traits, its cutting-edge look and lightweight comfort. The future of footwear is fluid, and these black OZWEEGO kicks defy any one genre of fashion. Slip them on, and enjoy the lightweight cushioned feel as you go about your day. Casual yet bold, the OZWEEGO is an easy way to make a statement. Explore black OZWEEGO clothes and shoes for style that bridges the gap between the '90s and the next.