Black Ultraboost Shoes

Look and feel fast in black Ultraboost shoes. The matchless comfort of energy-returning adidas Boost is paired with a shade that goes with everything.

Black adidas Ultraboost fits like a glove, performs like a champion

When you need a high-performance shoe to game your high-energy workouts, the black adidas Ultraboost sneaker delivers high marks for its textile and Primeknit upper that fits you like a glove, reinforced side closures for extra support and a snug fit, as well as its centerpiece dynamic Boost energy return padding that keeps you light on your feet so you can stride confidently as you go about your daily schedule. An elastane heel softens the surface impact when you plant your foot, while the energy Boost system provides increased responsiveness through the sneaker from heel to toe.

Explaining the Boost in our black Ultraboost sneakers

In 2013, adidas unveiled its innovative Ultraboost technology, as the antidote to designing sneakers that were forced to sacrifice comfort and performance in return for more durable construction. The futuristic technology works because of a special padding which is combined with condensed energy pockets to trap and release an incredible amount of energy as you move, making the black Ultraboost one of the most superior sneakers to be found anywhere. You can use that energy boost like a continuous fuel-injection system on your 5k run, while playing basketball, or for those high-intensity interval training sessions at the studio.

All black Ultraboost sneakers make your work/play transitions seamless

The futuristic performance and sublime comfort of the all-black Ultraboost has taken nothing away from its clean yet edgy design, which allows for a seamless transition from the street to the court or field and then back again. The benefits derived from an innovative pair of sneakers can play a key role in you enjoying a great workout, but they can also play a key role in you maintaining your sense of style and fashion, and since our adidas Ultraboost shoes never lose their cool, regardless of the occasion, there’s no reason why you should either.