Black Samba Shoes

Born for the indoor soccer court, the adidas Samba has become one of sneaker culture's most coveted creations. Shop black Samba shoes for the latest styles.

Black Samba: enduring classics for the new millennium

Our collection of black Samba footwear retains many of the stylish features from the original classics, combined with a few upgrades to keep pace with the modern environment. Full-grain and all-leather uppers have been reinforced with EVA cushioned midsoles and Ortholite® sockliners for additional comfort and stability with each stride. Models for men still boast the iconic suction cup design on the gum rubber outsoles with a chunkier toe bumper for today’s tough streets. We’ve raised the platform on the women’s version to afford you extra height for persuasive appeal and added a dynamic grip pattern for busy feet.  

Samba black cleats with improved efficiency for active lifestyles

Our retooled Samba black cleats make them more efficient performance footwear for the active lifestyles of today. Year-round training standards on the field and court in the '50s, these cleats have since become premier on the go trendsetters for the new millennium. The improved construction and design give them high marks for use at the office and in the classroom or just chilling at home with your family. They are also ideal all-weather accessories for enjoying a good walk with friends or your treasured pet. Whether it’s date night or game night, these sneakers always dress to impress.

Black Samba shoes are today’s pop culture icons

The enduring fame of our black Samba shoes is proven by their cult status in popular culture with appearances in several big budget films and TV series. If they are good enough for blockbusters, then it isn’t all about the hype. That said, count on our shoes to play the leading role in your footwear collection and consider them favorites for the action scenes that are sure to be part of your every day. With sizes ranging from 3.5 to 13.5, no part is too big or small, and as the director, you always have total control.