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Black Gazelle Shoes

Originally a hard-playing indoor court shoe, black Gazelle shoes bring versatility and heritage adidas style to your everyday sneaker lineup.

Black Gazelle collection defines heritage style

Our declaration that adidas heritage style doesn’t get more definitive than our black Gazelle sneakers is no idle chit-chat. Uppers constructed of suede, leather and synthetic materials with rubber outsoles re-create the elegant silhouettes that have defined these shoes for more than 50 years. Updated with wider proportions and variations on the classic Trefoil theme, they will set the tone for every activity. In solid black or with colored highlights, these staples offer solid comfort for everyday use. When you desire low-profile footwear to accentuate any outfit, these smart casuals are timeless icons guaranteed to generate props from all quarters.

Gazelle black shoes demonstrate enduring performance capabilities

Gazelle black shoes have come a long way since their introduction as the premier choice for soccerers back in the '60s. Over the decades, they have evolved to become casual wear fashion icons while continuing to demonstrate their capabilities as solid performance sneakers. Rest assured, if they can withstand the pressure on the field, casual jogging or biking is like digesting an appetiser. Make them your shoe of choice when enjoying a pleasant walk about the neighbourhood and let others sing their praises when you step out on the town.

adidas black Gazelle showcase your fashion IQ

Despite their weight and lack of elaborate design flair, these guys can stack up pound for pound against the competition in your wardrobe – or anywhere else for that matter. Check out our complete clothing department for exciting tops and bottoms to create some suave outfits for home, school or the office and add an accessory or two to further showcase your adidas pride. adidas black Gazelle footwear is available for adults and kids in a range of sizes and, due to their enormous popularity, make excellent gift ideas for family or friends.