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Women's 4D Shoes


adidas Women's 4D Shoes

Step into the future in women's 4d shoes from adidas. Designed with our 3D-printed 4D midsole, these sneakers use innovative digital technology to create a lattice midsole with an unparalleled combination of impact-absorption and stability. We spent years studying millions of lattice variations to come up with the ones that deliver optimal stability and forward momentum. Whether you're looking for your next running shoes or a pair of kicks that level-up your everyday look, check out our range of women's 4d sneakers. Riding on top of the lattice midsole is an adidas PRIMEKNIT upper that hugs the foot with targeted areas of support to give you a stable and comfortable ride. Underneath it all is a Continental™ Rubber outsole for superb grip in all weather conditions. The combination delivers comfort, stability and a natural feeling of forward motion with every stride.

When we were refining our adidas 4D midsole, we studied the gait cycle of thousands of runners to come up with one cell shape that glides forward when it hits the ground. We found it, and that's what you'll experience in our women's 4d running shoes. Check out our collection of 4DFWD running shoes with a lattice midsole that compresses forward upon impact, reducing braking forces and redirecting the energy of your footstrike into forward motion. The result is smooth, forward momentum that feels more like gliding than stop-and-go pounding on pavement. You'll feel it from your first stride to the last, whether you're on a long road run or ticking off fast-paced laps at the track. If you run for cross-training, you'll want to look at the 4DFWD Pulse, which combines an angled lattice midsole for impact absorption with the springy feel of adidas Bounce cushioning to make your miles feel a little more enjoyable. These women's 4d running sneakers feature a three-layered upper engineered for seamless, stretchable support and extra stability.

For a competitive edge in running and in life, look no further than our collection of women's 4d footwear. You'll feel like you're wearing the future on your feet with the digitally printed adidas 4D midsole. With its precision crafted mix of light, oxygen and liquid resin for controlled energy return, you'll feel fresh from morning until night. Throw them on when you leave the house, and you'll feel good as you churn through your to-do list. Plus, you can stop at the track for a few mid-day laps without missing a beat. If you're a modern sneakerhead, you'll want to add a pair of women's 4d running shoes to your collection. With cutting-edge technology carrying you every step of the way, you'll cruise into the future and turn heads as you go. You'll find lots of styles and colors to choose from, ranging from bold to subtle. The lattice midsole comes in a variety of color options, too.

With a pair of women's 4d sneakers on your feet, you'll need apparel and accessories to go with them. Don't worry. We've got plenty of items that are up to the task. Pull on a pair of our Run Fast two-in-one shorts for the supportive feel of tights with the airy coverage of shorts. A sweat-guard pocket at the back holds your phone as you chase your running goals. Or head to the track in a moisture-managing half-zip sweatshirt with pre-shaped elbows that support natural movement. Top off your look with a 4D running cap featuring laser-cut ventilation holes that keep you cool when you're pushing hard. You'll find lots of other options that help you take your running to the next level. Discover what the future of running looks and feels like by shopping our selection of women's 4d shoes from adidas.