Women's 4D Running Shoes

Keep moving in the right direction: forward. Women's 4D running shoes are precisely coded to propel you from one step to the next for a smooth feel on any run.

adidas Women's 4D Running Shoes

Whether you run casually on the weekends or train daily in pursuit of your goals, women's 4D running shoes from adidas keep you moving in the right direction — forward. That's because the adidas 4D midsole these running shoes are named for was designed with forward momentum in mind. We studied the gait cycle of thousands of runners and explored over five million lattice variations before we landed on the angled lattice structure that makes up our 3D-printed adidas 4D midsole. The innovative design is precisely crafted using liquid resin, light and oxygen to absorb shock on impact and propel you toward your next step. The result? Your ride feels like a smooth glide, not like stop-and-go pounding on pavement.

Choose from adidas 4D running sneakers with full-length adidas 4D midsoles for daily running, or find half-length midsoles precisely coded for short runs and cross training. Discover adidas PRIMEKNIT uppers that hug the foot with an adaptive fit or mesh uppers that put breathability and airflow first. Because shoes are only one part of your running outfit, we also offer adidas 4D run accessories such as hats, socks and sunglasses that support your quest for forward momentum. Shop adidas 4D running shoes today, and step into the future of running.