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adidas Pickleball Clothes & Shoes

There are a lot of reasons to love pickleball, from its fun, fast pace to its health benefits. Another reason? Pickleball clothes and shoes from adidas that bring style and comfort to the joyful game. Because chasing the ball can inspire some fancy footwork, shoes for pickleball help grip the court and maintain your energy through the action. adidas Bounce midsoles provide a responsive feel as you dart toward the net, and rubber outsoles grip the ground through quick stops and starts. Uppers offer breathability and support as you pivot and swing your racquet. Pickleball clothes and shoes have adidas sporty style, flashing bright colors and the iconic 3-Stripes.

Complete your game-on outfit with pickleball apparel ranging from shirts to sports bras and shorts. When the sun is blazing on the court, moisture-wicking fabric helps you beat the heat and stay cool, helping to manage the body's moisture so that you can give your all to the game while feeling comfortably dry. Whether you choose a long-sleeve t-shirt, a polo or a breezy tank top, built-in stretch ensures that you can move with freedom. Some tennis skirts have liner shorts for extra support, and shorts for the court come with pockets to store small items. Get equipped with comfort and decked out in style with pickleball clothes and shoes from adidas.

Pickleball Frequently Asked Questions

The best pickleball shoes are court shoes with grip and tread designed for quick side-to-side movements. Tennis shoes are great for pickleball since they both demand similar movements on similar court surfaces. Running, walking and cross-training shoes are not good for pickleball because these shoes are designed for front-to-back motion.
If you're interested in what to wear to play pickleball, the easiest solution is to wear clothes similar to what you'd bring to the tennis court. A lightweight athletic tee, tank top or polo shirt will be just fine, along with shorts or a sport skirt. Wear a visor or hat, to keep the sun out of your eyes, or a headband to absorb sweat.
Pickleball has a few key differences from tennis. Pickleball paddles are smaller than tennis racquets, and a pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court. The balls are different too — pickleballs are hollow and lightweight with holes in them, and they don't bounce as high as tennis balls. Pickleball is also usually played in doubles, not singles like tennis.